Dear my ex.


Chapter 1

What did I even do?

Dear Adrianna,
You cheated on me and were abusive to me. How can you think I'll just forgive you? You kicked my heart around on the ground like it was a piece of balled up paper. I gave you everything you wanted yet you treated me like shiit....What a fool I was when I opened up to you. I'm a nice person, I can actually admitt that. I barely even talk to you anymore but you continue to try and spread rumors around about me..No, I don't have parents, I love to wear hoodies because I feel like it can protect me from the evil that chases me, I have marks on my wrists, I can also admitt this. You don't know my life yet you think you do. You don't know my pain that I hide behind my smile. Please, leave me alone. I've done nothing to you but try and love you. My love for you is gone now. Stop looking at me when your with your boyfriend thinking I'll get jealous and beg for you back. It isn't going to happen. Please just leave me alone like I have been leaving you alone. Stop trying to talk to me just to call me names. You smashed my guitar and now your trying to ruin my life..just STOP!


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