Broken Hearts, Yet Tied Together...(Zayn Malik Fanfic)

Name: Emma Austin
Age: 21

Name: Nala Aurora Austin(Left) Kiara Ariel Austin(Right)
Gender: Female
Age: 3
Nala's Polyvore:
Kiara's Polyvore:

Name: Edward Anthony Masen Austin
Gender: Male

Chapter 2

Letters/Zayn's POV

Dear Zayn,
How are you? We haven't spoken to each other in two months, and I.....I miss you. Hope this letter finds you in good health, I mean, I would have called but you've changedyour number. Okay, so I'm going to get straight to the point, I'm I guess! Well, plase call me, I still have the same number, or write back.
Love, Emma.

Dear Zayn,

You didn't call and you didn't write back, I don't know if it's because you didn't get my letter. Well here I'm tryin again. I went to the doctor and I found out I am indeed pregnant, pregnant of triplet that is. Next week I'm going to find out the gender. Write back please!
Love, Emma

Dear Zayn,

Okay, I think I get it now. You don't want nothing to do with me or my babies. Well, anyways I found out that I'm having two girls and a boy. I included a picture of the babies, hope you enjoy it. And do not worry at all, I promise this will be the last letter, and the last you ever hear of me or my babies.
Love, Emma

"So?" Niall asked me as I looked at the picture she send me. I saw all three of them, their little hands, mouth, and eyes.

"I'm a father of two girls and a boy..she..uh..she had triplets,"I replied with a light smile, a couple of tears came out. Emma, my first true love, had my babies, my beautiful babies.

"Wow..guys do you realise what this means?"asked Louis excidetly,"It means we're uncles!"

"I-I need to go find them,"I quickly said standing up.

"But how will you know were they are?"asked Niall.

"I really don't know, and don't care, but I need to find them!"

"I get it Zayn, calm down...I'll call Danielle and Eleanor, I'm sure they can help us here,"said Liam in a deep thought.

"How?"I asked.

"Two words, mate,"replied Louis getting what Liam said,"Girl code."

Those words hand in the air, it was true. All of them were supr close, and the girl clearly upheld with them three. Which means, that they may still be in contact.

"Please call them,"I begged Liam and Louis, they simply nodded and started dialing their numbers, I hope one of them went behind my back and stayed in touch with Emma.

I remember begging them to let me talk to her, but they kept telling me they lost touch with her as soon as she moved back to the states. I really hope that one of them lied to me.

", that the story,"Liam explained to them, but didn't tell me them that we suspect they are still in touch with her.

""they both replied...clearly lying. They did stay in touch with her!

"Where is she?"I asked as soon as they shut their mouth. The both looked at each other and shook their head. I knew it was going to take tears, real tears to get them to tell me.

"Please, tell me,"I said getting on my knees.

"Zayn,"they both exclaimed surprise.

"Please, tell me. I need to know, how do you think I feel? I found out that I've been father to three kids, and that Emma is their mother! I was rob from the miricle of their life for three years already, I don't want to be rob from anymore...please."

"Okay, I'll tell you...she's going to kill me!"said Eleanor standing up feeling guilty, throwing her hands in the air,"She lives in her hometown, New York City Danni and I are supposed to meet her next week to meet the babies in person."

"Yeah, they are so adorable, we've skyped before,"added Danni.

"You've talked to them before?"asked Niall, before I could. I smiled when they nodded as I got up from the floor.

"What are their names?" I asked them.

"Nala Aurora, Kiara Ariel, and Edward Anthony Masen,"replied El,"Yes, she named the girls after her favorite disney characters, and she named Edward after her favorite fictional character."

"You know they've asked for you...especially Edward, even though he can barely talk,"said Danni.

"They know about me?"

"Yes, Emma didn't want them growing up thinking her father didn't want them, so she just told them that their daddy was off doing his job, and that it may be a long time before they could see him,"replied El.

I felt myself smile, my little ones want to know about me. They've been asking for me. I'm just glad Emma told them that.

"Yeah, they even have a locket of you,"said Danni,"Well, Kiara and Nala do. Emma said that Edward asks for you every night."

"how is Emma doing?"I asked.

"Well, this has all been tough on her. She thinks you don't want to know about her or the kids....,"Said El trailing off, I could tell she has hiding something.

"So, when are we going to New York City?"asked Niall making me smile big.

"As soon as posible...girls do you have a picture of them?"I asked.

Eleanor simply grabbed her phone and started moving the screen around, trying to find the picture. She finally handed it to me, and I saw them. They were all beautiful.

"They look so much like Emma,"I said without thinking.

"Yeah they do, but all three of them got your eyes, smile, and nose,"replied Eleanor smiling big. I realy can't wait to meet them.

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