Broken Hearts, Yet Tied Together...(Zayn Malik Fanfic)

Name: Emma Austin
Age: 21

Name: Nala Aurora Austin(Left) Kiara Ariel Austin(Right)
Gender: Female
Age: 3
Nala's Polyvore:
Kiara's Polyvore:

Name: Edward Anthony Masen Austin
Gender: Male

Chapter 1

No one's POV

Zayn looked up from the letter he had just finished reading, and he didn't know what to feel. The letter was dated three years ago and he barely got it, and that's by accident. Niall saw it thrown on their publicist office and read it, even though it was none of his business. He quickly got Liam, Louis, and Harry and made them read the letter. All four boys quickly agreed that Zayn should read it, and now here they were.

Zayn closed his eyes trying to breathe, trying to hold back angry tears. How could someone have held this letter from him, this letter that meant so much.

"Where did you...did you find this Niall?"asked Zayn through his teeth, angry tears had already manage to escape through his closed eyes.

"I...I-,"Niall couldn't get the words out, he was surprised. He had never seen Zayn like this before. Liam, being the strongest of the group decided to speak.

"He found it in Sandy's office..Zayn, where are you going?"Liam asked alarmed. As soon as he said Sandy's name Zayn had bursted out of his seat and started walking that way. The four boys trailed behind him, scared of what he might do. The staff all stared at them as they walked towards their publicist.

"How could you do this to me?"exclaimed Zayn angraly bursting into Sandy's office, where she was in a meeting with Simon.

"Zayn, son, what's wrong?"asked Simon alarmed standing up as the boys entered the office.

"How could you keep this from me? How could you keep me the right to see my baby?"Zayn continue ignoring Simon, who stood there shocked at his word.

"S-Sandy?"asked Simon after a while of silence.

"We'll, what did you expect me to do? You were nineteen, your career barely lifting up, why would I let you throw it all away for a girl and a baby?"spoke Sandy showing no remorse.

"I have miss three years of my son's or daughter's life and that's all you have to say?"Zayn asked exploding, the boys quickly came to hold him back. They were afraid of what he might do, they've never seen such anger and hatred in Zayn's eyes.

"Well...yeah,"she replied looking at her nails,"Plus, that's only one letter."

"What?"asked Zayn, trying to get out of his friends grip.

"She send more?"asked Liam, angry now of the fact that this women could be such a witch.

"Oh yeah, they are all here,"she replied going into her office and bringing out a shoe box.

"Give me those,"Harry quickly said, walking over and taking the box from her hands. As he walked over to the other end of the office, Zayn stood on his feet and grabbed the box. He opened it and saw all the letters that Emma had send him.

"Simon, ca-can I take the day off?"asked Zayn turning his attention to Simon.

"I do think this is for the best,"Simon agreed, and Zayn was out of there. Simon turned and spoke to the rest of the boys,"Go with him, he'll need you more thing, Sandy you're fire."

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