Fighting Through (a Hunger Games fan-fiction)

Fighting Through (a Hunger Games fan-fiction)

A group story, authors are myself, bored_chic1002, and firework356!

The 25th Hunger Games!

(Just to be clear, Katniss and Peeta... pretty much never happened. This is waaaay before their time. ;) Sorry, but that's just how it's going to be.)

Chapter 3

Opal Sanchez

"Opal, it's time to go!"

"Coming!" I yelled, pulling my hair into a loose ponytail on the side fastened with a red flower clip.

I gave myself a once-over in the mirror.

My one and only dress that I own, a strapless black bandeau number, covered my tan skin from my chest to less than mid-thigh. I had paired it with my one good pair of boots, my leather lace-ups and my one pair of gold earrings that used to be my mother's.

Of course, I was wearing my pinecone necklace, also from my mother, but I always wore that no matter what.

My green eyes looked full of so much sadness that I didn't even want to look at myself anymore.

So I turned and walked out of the room I shared with the twins, Sabrina and Skye, who were both nine.

I walked down the stairs and out of the small house, catching up with Shawn, who was waiting for me with his blonde hair falling lightly in his eyes as he leaned against a tree.

I took his hand and he smiled down at me, giving me a light kiss on the lips. "One more reaping, Opal. Then you and I will be just fine, I promise."

I nodded, forcing myself to smile.

My name's in there fifty-three times.

But I can't leave. I can't get reaped. I love him.

I just put on my brave face and smiled for real, my fingers twined with Shawn. "Right. One more for old times' sake, right?"

Shawn grinned. "You bet, Opal."


I stood in the seventeen-year-old girls' section, my hands clenched in fists to keep them from shaking.

Shawn, Sabrina, Skye, and their parents Sarah and Scott were waiting off to the side, ready to go back home as soon as someone else was picked.

Shawn was twenty-one, too old for the reaping, and Sabrina and Skye were only nine, which was too young.

I've been taking tesserae ever since I started living them, when I was eleven, when my parents were killed. I did it to help out, because they already had enough mouths to feed without me, so I needed to do something.

"Welcome to the 25th annual reaping!" Reuben Russel said, grinning up on stage as he held the microphone.

If he was expecting applause, he didn't get any.

He continued on, not missing a beat. "I have an exciting surprise for you all! The Quarter Quell is here, and so only one person will be chosen to fight as tribute for every District!"

Really? The crowd burst into murmurs and whispers, everyone looking both elated and scared at the same time.

I met Shawn's eyes across the square and he looked even more confident.

I knew what he was thinking, I could see it on his face- out of everyone in all of District 7, there is no way that her name will be picked.

And I was also a bit more confident, holding my breath as Reuben took the slip of paper from the bowl.

"The tribute representing District 7 is...."

But apparently this year, the odds were not in my favor.

"Opal Sanchez!"


The people of District 7 turned to stare at me, and I could hear sympathetic murmurs from all sides.

"She and that Shawn boy were going to be married, too."

"Just too bad."

I kept my face calm, my chin held high as I began walking out of the crowd towards the stage with Peacekeepers on either side of me.


I turned to look over my shoulder to see Shawn running towards me, his face full of anger, fear, and pain.

Scott and another man were chasing after him as if they had been holding him back the whole time.

Before my own eyes, I saw a pair of Peacekeepers grab him and beat him in the stomach, head, and legs repeatedly until he stopped struggling.

"Shawn, no!" I screamed, turning and lunging towards him only to find my way barred by my Peacekeepers.

"Move along!" The one on my right barked, holding his gun up threateningly.

I spat in his face, kicked the other guy in the gut, and raced to Shawn, trying to cover him up with my body as the other Peacekeepers continued to beat him.

"Opal, what are you doing?" Shawn yelled as I cried out at the pain of the gun being bashed against my shoulders and back repeatedly.

I ignored him and grabbed the gun before it could come down on me again. I twisted it from the Peacekeeper's hands and bashed the butt of it into their head, not giving a damn when the crumpled to the ground, not moving.


We all froze, one of the Peacekeepers keeping their hands on my arm as I half-stood, half-crouched as I protected Shawn where he lay with his body already becoming covered in bruises.

I turned to see Reuben standing on the stage, his face in shock.

Slowly, he walked down from the stage to where we all stood. "Who is this man?" he directed his question at me.

"Shawn." I said, my voice cracking as I watched him lying there, his face looking beaten.

"Someone get this man a doctor!" Reuben cried out, snapping his fingers at the first Peacekeeper in sight.

As the man ran off, Reuben crouched down beside me, putting a hand on my shoulder.

"What are you doing?" I breathed, my eyebrows narrowed with suspicion.

Because nothing from the Capitol comes free.

Reuben met my eyes for a second, and I saw kindness and hope there.

But just as quickly it was gone. "What are you all standing around for? Get this girl into the Justice Building! Make sure she's put in handcuffs!" Reuben roared. "And get this man off of the streets immediately!"

"Leave me alone!" I yelled, jerking away from the Peacekeepers as they tried to put handcuffs on me.

One of them put a gun to Shawn's head, meeting my eyes directly. "You do as we say or he dies."

I choked down a sob as I saw Shawn sitting there, his eyes on me, silently telling me no, don't do it.

"I have no choice." I said softly, only meeting his eyes.

I held my hands up and a pair of handcuffs were slapped on as tears began streaming down my face.


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