Fighting Through (a Hunger Games fan-fiction)

Fighting Through (a Hunger Games fan-fiction)

A group story, authors are myself, bored_chic1002, and firework356!

The 25th Hunger Games!

(Just to be clear, Katniss and Peeta... pretty much never happened. This is waaaay before their time. ;) Sorry, but that's just how it's going to be.)

Chapter 2

Sophia Greyson

The reaping day was here. I pulled my sea-green dress over my head and buttoned the back. Two people would be chosen to fight for their district, and my name had been put in 59 times! I wasn't worried, though, because I had been training ever since I was 3.

I pulled my long hair into a ponytail, slipped on my black shoes, then hurried to the family room. Dad was standing with his fists clenched. My mother was sitting in her rocking-chair facing away. She was sniffling. I turned to my dad, who had a guilty look on his face.

"What did you do this time?" I glared at him.

My mother reached out and held my hand tightly. She turned to me and her face was bruised, tears slipping down her pale face.

"You look beautiful, darling. You and Derrik had better be off now."

"I don't think I should leave you alone with this monster." I motioned to my dad, who at my words, stiffened. At that moment, Derrik, my brother came out of his room. He grabbed my hand and said,

"Come one, Soph." He practically dragged me out of the house and looked at me through squinted eyes. "You really need to be careful around dad. He looked like he was ready to murder someone."

I rolled my eyes.

"Derrik. He was hitting mom again! You expect me to let that fly? I'm sick and tired of him abusing my family!"

I walked ahead of him, and we soon came upon the crowd of kids and peacekeepers. Danielle what's-her-name was up on the stage, looking positively sickening in all her makeup and yellow dress.

"Welcome to the 25th annual reaping!" She clapped her hands daintily, and maybe 5 others clapped along.

"I have an exciting surprise for you all... Only one person will be chosen to fight as tribute for every District!"

'Only one?'

The crowd murmured and whispered.

Again, she quickly clapped her hands, then waved her hand over the reaping ball.

"The tribute representing District 4... is...."

She pulled her hand out and read the winning paper.

"... Sophia Greyson!"

My head spun. I looked around at the glum faces of my friends and my brother as they watched me. I slowly made my way to the platform. There Danielle shook my hand and said,

"Ladies and Gentlemen, District 4's tribute!"

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