Fighting Through (a Hunger Games fan-fiction)

Fighting Through (a Hunger Games fan-fiction)

A group story, authors are myself, bored_chic1002, and firework356!

The 25th Hunger Games!

(Just to be clear, Katniss and Peeta... pretty much never happened. This is waaaay before their time. ;) Sorry, but that's just how it's going to be.)

Chapter 10

Rory Freestone

My knees turn to water as soon as I step onto the train.

The carpet is made of layer upon layer of velvet; diamond chandeliers glisten from the ceiling; and there is food. So much food that I have never known before in my life. There are croissants and eclairs, gleatin and sugar cubes, salmon and entire roast pigs.

My legs wobble as I stumble to the table and aim myself just enough to land in the chair. I sit there gaping. Then I start to shove my face with food. The flavors blend together and melt in my mouth so well that I lose track of what I'm eating. Butter melts onto meat which dissolves in a bite of what they call 'chocolate', then I feel tea warm my tongue as I devour baked vegetables and delicacies like I have never tasted.

I can almost imagine the sound of my mom laughing in delight as she tells me that it's a spoon, not a shovel. When my stomach is on the verge of bursting, I finally look up. Laurel Greenlaw - former victor of District 10, and my only mentor because I am alone in these Games - is suppressing laughter. On the other hand, Levina Severous has her lip curled in disgust.

"Why I never-" she begins, promptly before she is cut off by Laurel and I simultaneously.

"Let the girl eat-" she protests.

"Fine, then." I interrupt. "Just remember to mind your manners when you just lost the last person who has ever loved you and you are being brought to your death when you're faced with more food in one room then you have ever known in your entire lifetime. Then it will be okay to judge."

Laurel and Levina stare at me: Laurel with admiration and Levina with contempt.

I let my fork clatter on the plate in an act of defiance, and we sit in a tense silence. But I find myself giving in to temptation and the hollowness of my stomach, and I start to eat again.

Soon the energy in the cabin relaxes and Laurel speaks up to ask me what I'm good at.

"Not much," I admit. "As you can see, I'm not too althetic. But I have a knack for weaving so I might be okay at setting traps."

"But I'm sure we could work some muscle into you," Levina chirps, then trails off when she notices us look up sharply at her. "I mean, we could always, try to teach you, perhaps, um, never mind..."

"I agree," Laurel says, smiling warmly at Levina as she pats her hand. "I bet our Rory here would be a genius at traps, and we could teach her to hunt with a slightshot, or even an ax."

Levina's eyes shine with gratitude. "Brilliant. Yes, I think we could make a victor out of Rory, yet."

Suddenly, I feel a grin rise to my cheeks. Maybe Levina isn't so bad after all. Maybe her and Laurel can train me, and make me strong. And I might just live to see home again.

But that makes me remember why I'm here. And what the Capitol has done to us. And the picture I have with me and my vow to never stop fighting; to be strong and to not give in.

As Laurel is chatting away anxiously about the different types of snares I could learn and strategies to develop, I stand up and conversation ceases.

"I think I'm going to go to my room, now." Then I flee the table without looking back, tears stinging my eyes.

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