New Quibblo Tip/Trick

Quibblo updated. I discovered this. Had to share it.

Who ever is doing the web design for Quibblo isn't doing it all that elegantly.

Chapter 1

New one :D

So Quibblo recently updated their site. In amongst the minor changes is a slightly more major one that most people have noticed. You now have 12 top friend slots to assign to people. While this is most probably a good thing, it can be slightly confusing. Good thing I found this. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you....

How to quickly and easily assign top friends

Normally the way you would choose your top friends is by finding their picture in the however many pages of friends you have and dragging/dropping them into the little orange box, but this method is unnecessarily complicated (especially if you have a lot of friends) and frankly I don't like it. So I've found my own.

When you go to the My Top Friends page you will see a url that looks something like this:


It would normally be a lot longer (with 12 users) but I've cut it down for the sake of this explanation. As you can see, Quibblo individually assigns each of the users you select to a list called "crew" like this:

crew = AngelBaby12

While this probably wasn't the most elegant way for them to do this, it's handy for us because it allows us to edit it ourselves and plug in whoever we want, rather than having to trawl through dozens of pages.

In order to change your top friends by hand (the fast way) all you have to do is replace the usernames in the url to the usernames of whoever you want in your top friends. Again, for the sake of this explanation I am only using 3 top friends, as opposed to 12. Suppose I want to change my top friends from the ones in the url above to KeadyKi, Perception, and PondFrog. All I would have to do is change:




Once you've done that be sure to hit enter and then click Save. It's as simple as that. I'd imagine that this would be most effective if you were trying to add a specific person. Although it will of course work if you were changing everybody.

Note: This will only work if you use the user's username, not their nickname. It is also case sensitive, so make sure you match up the capital letters (and any punctuation like underscores).


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