Stop and think.

How long can you keep a fake smile on.

Chapter 1

Losing everything.

by: Needles
I laid on the carpet and closed my eye. As i did a tear slid out from under my eyelid. I turned my head and found myself looking into my eyes. As if i was looking into a mirror. Except my other self was pale and still. I lightly brushed my cheek and shivered from how cold the skin was. Am i dead? I sat up slowly,my long brown hair still laying on the floor. I went to touch my other selves head. I caressed her hair like what mother use to do when i was young. All of a sudden i was in a graveyard. I got up off the grass i looked around and saw a crowd of people around a coffin. I held my thin white dress so i wouldn't step on the end of the elegent night gown. I slowly walked over to the crowd and gently pushed my way through the unfamiliar faces. I made it the coffin and looked in. It was me. Rose petals spread through my hair and my skin pale. I held daisy's in my hands that were intertwined in my fingers. I looked so peaceful. I fell to my knees and felt warm tears slid down my cheeks. I laid my head on the edge of the coffin and cried harder. I can't die so young! What happened?! I buried my face into my thin sleeve. "Wake up!" I still laid there sleeping peacefully. I heard heavy crying. I turned around and saw my little sister place a small bear that had a heart stitched on it's chest in the coffin. She stood next to me. "I love you" She started to cry. She was only six. I stared at my hands. Wake up.. please? I stood up and turned my back to the coffin. Everyone was crying my mom and dad held each other in a embrace. They divorced when i was ten. "please" Hope was slipping and i had to deal with the truth i was dead.

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