By Your Side (A Original Story)

This is a story of friendship, possible romance and a summer to remember. This is a story of six friends spending the Holidays in a house in the country. Enjoy.

Chapter 1

Holidays In The Sun

We sat under the shade of the tall oak tree, well all apart from Tyler who sat in the lower branches I looked up at him as she hung upside down grinning. Sofia looked up as well, frowning,
“Be careful,” she said, Tyler rolled his eyes,
“You worry too much,” He said, Sofia turned back to the book she was reading. Natalie, who was sitting down next to Sofia, stood up stretching out her arms.
“I’m going for a walk, maybe down to the river, anyone wants to come?” she asked. Brandon stirred beside me, opening his eyes.
“I’ll come?” he murmured, she grinned
“Great!” she said brightly, he held up his hand to be helped up she rolled her eyes and helped him up almost falling over in the process.
“Hey! Does anyone want something to eat?” Drew yelled out from the back porch of the house, Brandon and Natalie was already walking away, they seemed to be ignoring the question. I glanced at Sofia and Tyler; he nodded at me and swung down from the tree landing just in front of me. I found his tanned hand in front of me and I took it standing up with less difficulty than Brandon. I look down at Sofia raising my eyebrow in question. She shook her head and me and Tyler started to walk back to the house. Drew was leaning against the balcony railing patiently,
“C’mon,” he said, I walked up the stairs to the balcony as Tyler jumped up grabbing the railing and pulling himself up, I rolled my eyes as he gave me a crooked grin show off I thought. Drew had put out a tray on the table; on it was a bowl of chips and a packet of biscuits. I took a handful of chips and sat down on the plastic chair. We were at my parent’s holiday house, I had convinced them to lend it to me and my friends for the holidays. It was a one story house in the country with three bedrooms, a large lounge room, a kitchen, a dining room, a small laundry and bathroom. We arrived at the house this morning with our entire luggage; we played rock paper scissors for the biggest room, the guys won. I took the bags of food to the kitchen and started to put it all away, Sofia taking in my suitcase for me. The cupboards were already empty, cleared out from the last visitor. When I was finished I walked into the yellow room, we called it that for obvious reasons. The walls were painted light yellow and it had a double bed pressed against the back wall, which had a yellow doona cover it had darker yellow shelves and a white carpet, two bed side tables were on either side of the bed, both wide but with yellow lamps on them.
“It’s lovely,” said Sofia I smiled pleased that she said that. Natalie nodded in agreement. They both sat on the bed our suitcases pressed against the wall next to the door. I noticed Sofia had already placed her books on the bedside table and Natalie had already plugged in her iPod dock and had her iPod charging,
“Let’s put on some music!”Natalie shouted cheerily, she said jumping up and hitting play on the iPod.
“Rose?” I hear Tyler say, I blink and look at him he’s staring at me from across the table; I gave him a small smile,
“Sorry,” I said, “Just thinking,” I push my fringe out of my eyes and he gives me a small smile back, I see Drew eying us suspiciously, Tyler shoots him a look and he just reaches out and takes another handful of chips. The sun beats down onto us, we arrived here at about 10:00, and after we got settled into our rooms we headed outside. I showed them around the large backyard, it stretched out for ages I didn’t take them out though it all, just to the river. It was around 1’oclock now, I was starting to feel very hot now,
“I’m going to go inside, get a drink, would you guys like one?”I asked standing up. Tyler stood up to,
“I’ll have one to, but I’ll make it with you,” I nod in thanks and we walk through the backdoor into the laundry and then though the door that led in the lounge room, I walk into the kitchen all the while with Tyler behind me, he opens the freezer as I get six cups out,
“For the others,” I say, he brings the icetray and puts it on the bench then he leans over reaches his arm in front of me i pause as he grabs his iPod and brings it to him, I continue to place the ice in the cups as he turns on the music I know the song and i start to sing along, loudly. I spin around getting the coke out of the fridge Tyler and we both dance around singing and laughing. I pour the drinks and he sticks the straws in them. Both twirling around each other when were finished he holds out his hand to me,
“May I have this dance,” he asked with a smile, I curtsey,
“You may,” I say suppressing a laugh, I take his hand and he pulls me closer to him his other hand on my waist we twirl around to the fast music laughing as the song ends he stares into m eyes and he slowly lets go of me, he turns around to the drinks and I push my hair out of my eyes, suddenly feeling embarrassed but he’s smiling as he turns back around two drinks in hand, he gives me one,
“Cheers,” he says,
“Cheers,” I reply clinking glasses; I take a sip of my drink,
“This is a great place,” He says, “I’m very happy to be able to be with here, with you-” he coughs “You guys,”
“So am I” I reply.


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