I'm very sorry

I haven't been online since december or january

Chapter 1

Im sorry

by: Stubbz
Im sorry if I haven't been writing for a while so Id'e like to explain why, someone in my family who i am really close to was diagnosed with a very painful life threatening disease. I had spent most of my time at the hospital with her than on the computer, I hadn't been able to get on my quibblo, deviantart, ect. Until after her funeral when I had to find something productive to do with my time.

Now I will be on as often as i can which is now everyday. I hope you understand and know that it won't happen again, please do not hold this against me and also know that those of you who sent me very vulgar very rude messages about my absence will have been reported and unfriended. I'm grateful to those of you who kept patient with me through these few months.


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