Maybe we could take this chance

Yeah well Im a sucker, this is an Ouran High love story. Starring an Kazumi Morinozuka. She lived in America for the most of her life, as Kazumi Rhodes.The only reason at all that she had a Japanes name was because she had a grandmother was part Japanese, and very much love the culture. So as her dieing wish she told her daughter that she wished for her duaghter to have a Japanese name. At the age of 5, Kazumi's parents died. At 14 she was adopted, but did not get to be w/ her new faily til 15

Chapter 1

A new family

Mom and Dad said that he would be here. I think as I stand behind an abandoned music room door.

Well, my new mom and dad, anyway. Though in all reality, they had been my parents for a year. I smile as I think back to that day.

Dragging in my pack I threw it on my bunk. Sighing I sat down on my bed, exausted by another rough day at school.

"Oh, look. Its little Kazumi. Poor little orphan girl. All by herself." They would mock as walked by.

Then there was Kira, who would lean in my face and sneer, "You know, mabey if you weren't such a loathsome creature, your parents wouldn't have drove their car over the bridge to be rid of you."

I had run to the orphanage with tears in my eyes, tring not to let their laughing voices follow me.

I collasped on my bed, and sobbed my eyes out. Without my knowing it a young woman had come into the room. She came over to me and placed a gentil and on my back, I ignored her. Silently she got up and left the room.

Later that day, after my roomates had abandoned the effot of trying to consol me, a staff member come into the room. I turned my head so I could see her. She was one of the newer member so she still caled us by our full name.

"Kazumi Morinozuka?" She asked softly.

I rolled my eyes, sat up and said calmly, "My name is Kazumi Rhodes."

She smiled mischivously and said, "Not anymore."

My mouth dropped open and I could feel the tears that started to well.

She continued, "Ms. Morritor, would like to see you." She smiled and added, "Miss Morinozuka."

I ran as fast as my legs would have allowed me. Getting to Ms. Morritor's office, I didn't knock before I swung open the door.

Panting I looked around the room, dread filled me as I only saw Ms. Morritor sitting at her desk.

Could this have been one cruel cruel joke? i thought.

Thats when Ms.Morritor explaned, that my new family lived in Japan, and it would take a while for me to be transfered over to them.

Had it not been for the letters, I would have doubted that I had actually been adopted. I remember the first one.

Dear Kazumi,
We are ever so glad to be adopting you into our family. I'm sorry to say that it will be awhile before you can be here with us, sweetheart. It will take about a year for everything to get settled. Untill then we will be eagerly awaiting your arrival.
We love you,
Dad, Mom, and your brother Mori

Many more letters had come, and I returned just as many. I'll neverforget that day,it was one of the happiest days in my life.

I had completly fallen in love with them, my new family. Especaily my older brother. I had always dreamed of having one, and now I do.

Arriving earlier today l listened, brimmingwithlove,on the phone as my parents sobbed (Iknow that sounds weird, but I was just so happy that they love me that much). I had arrived a day early, and they were ours away making preperations for my home coming. After assuring them that it was okay, the sent me here to surprise my brother.

I take a deep breath a open the door.

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