My short Stories

HEY THERE!!This is just for fun and stuff,just some short stories that's all...

Chapter 1

Ze first peice of ze candy!

One day,on a planet called Zono,there lived a man by the name,Dralek.He was a very lonely man,and decided to make a business called DRALEKS CANDY! He didn't know what candy was,he thought it was a good name for his sweet tasting creation.It was made of a special flower called Zolocan and a certain syrup called hypnoitrojia.They tasted like, what us humans call, Candycanes.This company got so big that their product went across the galaxy,and soon,all around the universe!This man is now very famous on Zono,and yet he died 2 billion years ago.Ever since then, his products have been copied using human ingrediants.



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