Painting it Black... an Anthology of Poems

Painting it Black... an Anthology of Poems

This some of my poetry. I learned one thing in power of the pen. You have to move someone with your writing if it is to be sucessful. This means A. Making it deep, B. Making it humorous, C. Making it dark.
So my motto is Paint it Black.
It also just so happens to be a poem.
I wrote all of these myself and if you copy infringe me i wil be really mad at you.
I will add more recent poems in new chapters... so far i will do the classics!

Chapter 1

The Classics

Paint it black,
dont take it back,
let it be as it is: dark
show the lifeless angels; hark
dont make it light,
for it is night,
let true colors be shown,
inky black and white as a bone,
that haunt your dreams,
with fear filled screams,
know that it is his,
tell it as it is,
so paint it black,
for it IS black...

Make your self,
as seen by everyone else,
put on your mask,
and no one will ask,
how you ever came,
up with your name,
thats why you're a star,
no one knows who you are,
they love what you do,
but they'll never love you,
and you dont love me,
you love what you see,
so make yourself,
who THEY desire,
who THEY aspire to be.
(not me).

The darkness that fills me,
drags me back,
to the darkness that made me,
the darkest of black,
and the white that surrounds me,
tries to invade,
yet when the light hunts me,
i somehow evade,
into the gray,
in which i'm cast,
that keeps either at bay untill at last,
the darkness that fills me,
drags me back,
to the darkness that made me,
the darkest of black...

Hate Me:
How can you stare at me,
with eyes so full of hate?
What is it that you see,
that quickens your heartrate?
I desere your smile,
but since you met that "ten",
it has been a while,
if thats what you call "since then".
It used to be so nice,
back when we didnt fight,
now your eyes turn to ice,
at my very sight,
as if to say:
"I love her more,
than i may ever have loved you,
so watch me walk out that door,
because there is nothing you can do."

A Wallflower Among Orchids:
Like the flowers that bloom,
in every wild place,
when you look into the room,
i'm just another pretty face,
slightly out of the loop,
twisted here and there,
some of my petals droop,
so that i am not as fair,
as the perfect posies are,
for i've been bit by frost,
cold crystals that mare,
so that most my leaves are lost,
i'm not beautifully adorned,
i was just a rampant rose,
cruelly cursed and thorned,
so that everything but me grows,
as i've never been a repenter,
my punishment is listning,
and like the flowers i will die by winter,
only i wont be back next spring.

the pain fades,
into washed out shades,
of multipule greys,
that loop and curl,
through the air,
to touch a girl,
who isnt there,
or slinks on a wall,
and sings and screams,
without a call,
born by beams,
and lightened with age,
by the apathy that comes,
with sad sorry page,
that dulls and numbs,
or darkens with wear,
coloring black with use,
scuffed without care,
marked by abuse,
into the haze you peer,
just before dawn,
when morning isnt here,
but night time is gone.
the washed out shades,
of multiple grays fade,
into pain.

Fly away fair thing,
for a storm is threatning,
the birds arent singing,
the bells arent ringing,
the alarm is tolling,
the clouds are rolling,
lightning is flashing,
thunder is crashing,
rain is looming,
cold is consuming,
mistakes are taking,
old wounds are aching,
the trees are swaying,
the grass is laying,
the water is rushing,
the air pressure's crushing,
the flowers are closing,
the animals are dozing,
the silence is seering,
as uglyness is nearing,
disaster is impending,
morals are bending,
kindness is crying,
beauty is dying,
so fly away fair thing,
for a storm is threatning...

That is it for now! Please comment on your favorite(s)! And friend me! :)

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