The Red-Headed Rebel (A Harry Styles Fanfic)

Name: Bambi Carmen Sheeran (Ed's Sister)
Age: 17 going on 18
Personality: Funny, smart, witty, doesn't listen to anyone but herself, has little common sense, random, has a façade so she won't get hurt, nice once you get to know her, but can act like b word, moved to London because her parents thought it would be good for her to live with her brother so she can get under control.

Chapter 13


Currently November 2, 2013

Charlotte's' Outfit: http://

Bambi's Outfit:

"C'mon! You can snog your boyfriend later!" I shouted to Charlotte. I heard Charlotte and Niall say quick goodbyes before Charlotte caught up with me. "Why are you so happy?" Charlotte asked while I was looking at stores to shop at. "Well, today is my birthday," I said walking into a store. "Not a good enough reason," She said following behind me. "I also have a really good feeling about today," I said looking through clothes. "Really?" She asked following my movement. "Really," I said moving to the next rack. "Why? All we are doing is going out for dinner," She said holding out a shirt for me to look at. "I don't know. I just think everything is going to go right for once. You should get it in yellow. Yellow is a more flattering color on you," I said while pulling out some jeans from the rack. "You and you're thinking. And where are you getting this money to go shopping from anyways," Charlotte said looking at some dresses. "Umm," I said looking through some shirts.

"OH MY GOD! BAMBI ARE YOU A PROSTITUTE?" Charlotte shouted at me. "What? No. And shut up before someone hears you," I said putting down the pink shirt I was looking at. "God, you scared me for a moment," Charlotte replied putting a hand on her chest. I rolled my eyes at her. "But seriously you're broke. How can you buy clothes?" She asked handing me a dress. "Well, Harry and I were texting the other day and I said something about wanting to go shopping but I didn't have the money for it. Then he was like just use my card. I tried denying but he kept insisting," I said taking the dress from her. "Ooh he loves you," Charlotte teased. "Whatever," I replied rolling my eyes at her. We shopped for about 30 minutes and then I declared it was times to go. Niall picked us up like always because Char can't spend more than 45 minutes away from him.

Charlotte's Outfit:
Bambi's Outfit:

"Thanks for ditching me," I said to Charlotte standing outside the car window. "Your boyfriend will be here soon enough," She said while smirking at me. "Not my boyfriend. Bye, Niall," I said before turning and walking towards my flat. I walk in and up the stairs. I unlock the door, throw my bag on the couch and go to my room. I grab some of my pink nail polish and go back to the living room to put on a movie. I eventually I put on the Little Mermaid. I settled down on the couch and began painting my nails. And of course being me I was saying all the lines along with the movie. And I just sat there enjoying the silence. Then, I started thinking about how Niall and Charlotte's relationship started and smiled at the memory that happened two months ago.

"Say hello to the people who actually watches my videos, Harry," I said while switching my phone camera to look at Harry. "Hello to the people who actually watches my videos, Harry," He said while grinning. "Haha very original," I said moving the camera back to me. "Harry thinks he's funny," I whisper to the camera. "I know I'm funny, " He retorted. "Sure," I said rolling my eyes at him. "Oh and look who's coming it's Niarolette," I said switching my camera to them. "Has your life really come to shipping your own friends now," Charlotte asked with raised eyebrows. "I ship who I want, when I want," I say flipping my camera back to me. "Niarolette, Niarlotte, Niarlotte," I sang until their faces went red. I got an idea and quickly moved my camera back to them. "Kiss cam!" I yelled. "What?" Niall said the same time Charlotte exclaimed, "Bambi!" "You have to kiss! It's the rules!" I exclaimed. After minutes of pestering from me they finally kissed and their wonderful relationship blossomed then.

I laughed at the thought of that and how much fun it was to actually be on tour with them. I thought is was going to be horrible. I was singing along to Part Of Your World when someone knocked on the door. "Who is it?" I yelled. "Harry," The deep raspy voice I have come to love sounded. "It's open," I shout while I started painting my toenails. He opens the door, steps in and shuts the door behind him. "Happy Birthday," He yells. "Thank you, Harry. But, you called me at twelve to be sure you were the first person who wished me happy birthday," I remind him. "Where's Charlotte?" Harry asked completely ignoring my statement. "Probably studying the anatomy of Niall Horan," I replied focusing on my pinky toe. Harry laughs loud and hard at that. I smile because I was the reason for his laughter. "Oh, hand me my purse please," I said. Harry hands me the purse and sits down. I dig through my purse and when I found what I was looking for I handed it to Harry.

"Ah, thank you," He said taking the card from my hand. "I'm going to be honest it felt nice to be rich for one day," I said now moving on to my right foot. "Why don't you get a job?" Harry questions. "I've been meaning to but I also want to go to school but I can't handle going to school with people again. So, I thought about college courses online so I could work and go to school but when online courses cost money. And these are the exact reasons when adults asked what I wanted to be when I got older I told them I was going to be like Peter Pan," I said now on my third toe. "Maybe I could help with the college thing," Harry said looking at me. "I can't accept that offer, Harry," I said looking back at him. "Well think of it as a birthday present or you could pay me back," He offered. "I'll pay you back," said finishing off my foot.

"After I think about it. You can't keep offering me things. I might just end up in your debt forever," I said wiggling my toes. "I'll remember that," He said before checking his watch. "Go get ready," He instructs. "Considering that it's my birthday shouldn't I be giving the orders," I said before walking to my room. I put on the outfit I got today and quickly fix my hair not worrying about makeup remembering the time Harry said I was pretty without it. "I'm ready," I declared walking from the hallway. "Your carriage awaits you," Harry said opening the front door for me.

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