The Red-Headed Rebel (A Harry Styles Fanfic)

Name: Bambi Carmen Sheeran (Ed's Sister)
Age: 17 going on 18
Personality: Funny, smart, witty, doesn't listen to anyone but herself, has little common sense, random, has a façade so she won't get hurt, nice once you get to know her, but can act like b word, moved to London because her parents thought it would be good for her to live with her brother so she can get under control.

Chapter 1


Bambi's Outfit:
This car drive was long and horrible. And I never want to experience something like this again. All my parents are doing are telling me I'm smarter than this, that they hope this time in London with Ed (while he isn't on tour) will be good for me. In my opinion, they are overreacting because sure I sneak out, smoke, drink and have drunken one night stands but that's what makes their life interesting. Well, that and getting to brag about Ed. And Matthew. Gosh, and they wonder why I act out. Anyways, Ed isn't here so he sent a friend. Great. More people to explain myself too. "We're here, Bambi," My mom's soft voice says. "Oh. I'll get my stuff," I say getting out the car. "Don't worry about it I got it," My dad says. Well, I guess I wont get it. My parents walk me up stairs while giving me the lecture on to be well-behaved. When we got up the stairs my parents unlocked the door with the they have. My dad put the stuff down explaining Ed's friend will be here in a bit while my mom's eyes start to glisten. I say my goodbyes trying to get it over with it because I'll probably end up crying too. Once they left I brought my stuff to my room to unpack. I was done with all the extras and about halfway done with the clothes when I heard someone call my name.

"In here," I yell back. I hear footsteps in the hallway. Then, the door opens and I look up to see no one other than Harry Styles. I will kill Ed. "You must be Bambi," He sees walking towards me extending his hand. "The one and only," I say just looking at his hand. He awkwardly coughs and puts his hand in his pocket. "You need any help?" He asks. "No," I say bluntly. He just awkwardly stands there until I finish. "You know you can leave," I say laying on bed. "Actually, I can't. Um, your brother kinda relies on me," He says looking at me tilting his head. "What are you looking at?" I snap. "Nothing. Just how right your brother was about you," He says still looking at me as if he's studying me. "What he tell you?" I ask sitting up crossing my legs. "He told me you would exactly like the way you are now. Acting like I did something to you," He said walking around my room examining my things. "Oh did he?" I ask already mentally planning how I was going to kill Ed. "Yep. Were you named after the movie?" Harry said looking at me. "Yeah, my parents thought I was going to be a boy, so they only picked out boy names. And they hadn't named me yet, when Ed and Matt came, but the first thing that Ed said when he saw me was, "Bambi." So my parents thought it would be okay to name me after a deer," I say sarcastically.

"You're not happy about it?" He asked his eyebrows creasing in confusion. "Would you be happy about the teasing?" I ask. "Oh, I guess I never really thought about that," He says looking down. "Yep. But I guess I always kinda gave a bad vibe off to people," I say laying back. "What do you mean?" He asks sitting at the end of the bed. "I've only ever had one real friend," I say closing my eyes. "Why? It must have been sad to leave her behind," He says. "Uh, we really don't talk anymore. She didn't like what I was becoming so she cut off our friendship," I say opening my eyes. "Well, I don't give me a bad vibe," He said looking at me. I sat up. "I can't be friends with you," I say before I even thought about anything. "Why not?" He asks with his eyebrows creasing again. "I just can't," I say. "Never mind, I know why," He says avoiding my gaze. "Why is it then?" I ask wanting to know what his reason is. "You're one of those girls. The ones who aren't originally super mean and untrustworthy but you cover it up. You cover every emotion up except not caring and being mad. But really someone hurt you, took your heart and crushed it like glass into a million pieces and your just looking for someone to mend you, someone who will try to break your shell and get to know the real you. We all get our heartbroken, Bambi," He says that last sentence right before he leaves the room. I close my eyes and try to think. Not about how wrong he was but how right he was.

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