The Life of Ariana Dumbledore

The Life of Ariana Dumbledore

Hey guys this is a Harry Potter fan fiction about Albus Dumbledore's little sister Ariana.
Main characters name: Ariana Dumbledore
Nickname: Aria
Appearance: She's very weak looking with long dirty blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She has a frail build.
Personality: Throughout this story Ariana faces many difficulties but mainly she is a very kind, sweet girl who never wants to cause any sort of trouble. She would give up her life to save others but she is very scared.

Chapter 2

Difficulties of magic

The gleaming sun shone brightly across the velvet sky. I gazed up at the clouds, idly trying to make random shapes from them. It felt like I had been out here forever, hours and hours possibly. "Hey Aria, are you having a good time?" It was Aberforth again, this time he was holding a cup in his hand. I gently moved my hair away from the corner of my eye so that I could see him perfectly, he looked so happy.

"Yeah I am! It's nice out here, isn't it?"
"Well it's very hot anyway, this drink is for you so you don't get dehydrated."
"What does dehydrated mean?" I was very confused.
"It just means that if you don't keep on drinking you'll become sick. Now here's some pumpkin juice, drink it up."

I nodded, sat down on the grass and he handed me the cup. "Where's Albus, I haven't seen him today?" I asked conversationally. "He's up in his bedroom, studying as usual. I'm going back inside to help mother." He rushed away before I could ask him another question. For some reason I didn't want to drink the pumpkin juice, I wanted to make it FLY. I didn't know why I wanted to do that but I just felt a deep urge, longing, to make it fly.

I stared at the cup in silence, pure silence. I looked slightly upwards and yes, the cup began to quiver. I didn't dare smile, I needed to concentrate. I kept one eye on the cup whilst the other eye tilted diagonally upwards, it didn't take long for the cup to move. Magic. THIS was real magic. Ten minutes later I was standing up, sending the cup around in spirals, zig zags and in different directions, faster, faster until.......

"HEY YOU!!" roared a voice from an unknown source. I surveyed the given area, I could see nothing. Had I imagined a voice out of loneliness? Perhaps. No, No, I hadn't been lonely when I heard the voice which meant....someone was with me. "Me?" I asked shyly. "Yes you!" It was the same voice, rough but immature. "I can't see you!!! Please come out of your hiding place!" I demanded curiously, I ached to know who I was talking to. Silently, a figure appeared.

It was a small boy with rosy red cheeks, scruffy blond hair and sky blue eyes. His blond hair looked like it hadn't been washed for a month. He was the same height as me, I felt relaxed at this fact. He was standing in front of my hedge, right in my garden, I didn't like this...I felt like he was intruding. Before I knew it he was talking "how did you do that thing with the cup?" Oh no...The truth was I had used magic, obviously, but I couldn't tell a muggle that, no way.

I bit my lip and said "Uuuummmmm, I'm not sure what you mean."
He frowned angrily while saying "YOU made the cup FLY!!!"
"No, no I didn't. It might have been your imagination but there's no such thing as flying cups."
"Do not make him think he's losing his mind, we saw it too!" That was a different voice, sounding from beside me.

I spun around quickly, the cup dropping to the ground. A sudden wave of fright washed over me. "Wh-wh-who are you? I-I-I don't know any of you," I stammered. There was now three boys (who were much, much taller than me) standing in front of me and one boy standing next to me. "It doesn't matter who WE are, you show us what you did and no-one gets hurt." I couldn't show them, if I had been brought up to learn one lesson it was not to show or tell muggles about magic; it was a law. Strict. That meant I was going to get hurt.

"Emmmm ex-excuse m-me my-my brot-brother is call-calling me.....He-he ha-has a-a w-weapon."
"Do you hear him calling her Jack?" one of the boys asked in front of me. He was tall and looked way stronger than me.
"No, no I don't," spoke a voice from behind me, I spun around to see the person called Jack. Immediately I wished I hadn't. He was much taller than me, had bulging muscles with thousands of tattoos covering his arms.

"Hi there little girl, my name is Jack and I'm eighteen. I've been to jail three times, once for attacking a pregnant girl, once for robbing a spanking brand new Porsche car and lastly I set a house on fire...By accident," he smiled at this and the other boys laughed. He continued talking "Oh, by the way I had made that girl pregnant who I attacked, I don't know and don't care if I have a baby out there in the world. I've done Karate all my life so I can fight pretty good. I'm proud of the the things I have done in my life and I'm not afraid of doing them again. Jail? Hah that doesn't bother me. What does bother me though is that you are not telling me about the little trick that you just did with the cup. I'll give you one more chance, tell me or-" he didn't need to finish his sentence for I knew exactly what would happen, I would get badly hurt.

This was a horrible, cruel guy who wanted the one peice of information that I couldn't give him. If I told him that I was magic, I would be breaking the biggest magical law but-but if I didn't tell him he would give me a lot of pain, who knows what he would do to me? Punch? Kick? Choke? Kill? I started to panic, sweat and sweat was falling down my cheeks. Would he even believe me if I told him that I was a witch? No, no he wouldn't. I decided to stand my ground, I couldn't give up that easily. I bit my tounge and shook my head in fear.

It all happened very quickly; Jack whipped out a silver, sharp knife out of his pocket. I gasped, I hadn't known he had a weapon. (I had seen knife's in a book about muggles.) I tried to move backwards but he nodded his head and all the boys walked in closer and closer to me, tightening the space between us. I tried to cry out for help but my voice had vanished. All I remember is a silver blur, no pain but just deep darkness.

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