Blythe Sparrow: The Black Pearl

Blythe Sparrow: The Black Pearl

Chapter 1

Part One

"There's a hole in the boat, Jack." I said.
He frowned and squinted at the floor. "Where?"
I rolled my eyes. "Right there." I pointed to a spot in the middle of the boat.
"Oh." Jack tried to plug the hole, but he only managed to make it bigger. He grabbed the bucket next to him and started shoveling water out of the boat.
Ever tried being stuck out at sea in a little rowboat with your idiot pirate older brother? Well, I didn't really have to try. I just got stuck with him for life.
I mean, he was nice to have around to save me from trouble when I needed saving, but just because we're pirates doesn't mean we don't treat each other like normal sibling do.
I grabbed an oar and started directing the boat towards the nearest land around. I certainly wasn't in the mood to go swimming today.
Soon, the boat steered itself toward the land and I no longer had to do any work. But the boat was sinking fast and I had to stand, so as not to get my clothes wet. I didn't have time to dry.
We came to a cove and we saw skeletons of pirates and a sign that said, 'Pirates, ye beware'.
Jack put his hat over his heart in solute to his fellow dead pirates, and I stared at him and crossed my arms. "Um, hello? This boat is not going to make it to shore, if you haven't noticed."
Jack looked at me and put his hat back on his head. "Climb the mast." he said and started taking his advice.
"What?" I said. The boat didn't really have much of a mast, and I doubted it would hold the weight of both of us. Jack was now standing atop the mast and he held out his hand to me. I didn't really feel like it, but I took his hand anyway, and stood atop the mast with him.
Much to my surprise, his plan actually worked. Actually, I don't even know why his plans surprise me when they work anymore. You'd think that after nineteen years of seeing them work, I'd just expect them to always work.
We stepped onto the pier, and not ten seconds later, we were stopped by a man dressed in white, holding an annoyingly huge book. (I don't like huge books. I don't know why.)
"It's a shilling to tie up your boat at the dock, and I shall need to know both your names." he said.
I rolled my eyes. There was barely a boat left to tie up.
Jack put some money on the book and said, "How about three shillings and we forget all about the names. Savvy?"
The man considered this for a moment, then said, "Welcome to Port Royal, Mr. and Mrs. Smith."
I was quite offended by the way he assumed that my BROTHER and I were together together, and I would have shouted some very nasty things at him then if Jack hadn't covered my mouth with his hand and led me away first.
"Just let me go back and strangle him, just a little bit." I spit when Jack let go of me.
"If you strangle him, we get noticed, and if we get noticed, the chance of taking one of these ships is less. Or would you like to find a nice little rowboat for yourself to sail the seas in? Or, you could walk to the gallows for being a pirate."
Sadly, he had a point. And I wanted to get out of here as quickly as possible. Any place with royal in their name made me sick to my stomach.

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