I Never Knew...

I Never Knew...

I don't remember the happiness taking place in my life. I don't remember hearing my dad say the loved me.
All I did remember was the abuse I took from everyone.
My dad, my ex boyfriend, my step brother and everyone else.
Why did it have to be this way?
When will it ever get better..?

Read my life's story....

Chapter 1

Chapter One: Meet The Girl Without A Name

Outfit of the day:
I looked at my old house one more time before getting into mom's car.
I was going to miss it. I didn't want to move away.
It was Thursday of March 6th, 2013. My hair was shoulder-length and black. It was straightened and thinned. I was wearing black eye liner around my eyes and had my bangs swept to the right side. I was also wearing black finger-less gloves.
"I'll miss you," I said to the house.
I grew up in this house, so it was hard for me to leave.
Mom understood, but made it clear that we had to move for Dad's new job.
He hits me all the time, as does his son, my step brother, Jack.
Dad was my step-dad. His name was Frank.
He hated me for a reason I just couldn't understand.
And his son who was one year older than me, 16, also hated me for some reason not understandable.
And Mom didn't love me as much as she could've.
She loved Jack more, even though I was her biological daughter.
But why did it matter anyway?
So we were moving from Cleveland Ohio to Medford Oregon in the north-west.
I got into the car and buckled my seatbelt.
I put in my earphones that were connected to my iPod.
I listened to Pandora music, in the catagory of Emo-pop rock, under My Chemical Romance radio.
I closed my eyes as Mom started to drive out of our old driveway.
You're probably wondering why I haven't told you my name yet.
That's because I don't have one.
They usually call me 'girl', or 'young lady', or even 'boo'.
But those aren't my names.
I don't have a name because no one loves me enough to give me one.
Tears streamed down my face as I listened to "From Yesterday" by 30 Seconds To Mars.
We drove for three days to Oregon, and I slept with my music on the whole time.
Such a melancholy life I lived.
The skies we traveled under were blue and cloudless... hideous.
I hated this weather. I liked it a lot better when it rains, when it's cloudy and gray, or even when the sky is black and it's not even the evening yet.
In Medford, it was very sunny and blue.
And the town looked really beautiful. Nice houses, nice cars and schools and other buildings.
When I woke up on the third day of our traveling, we were driving through the nice town, and that's when I thought to myself, "maybe this'll be nice after all."
Yeah, right.
We soon pulled into a house that was a light blue, like sky-blue. It was two-stories, and the driveway was very acceptable.
When we pulled in, we went to the trunk of the car and got our stuff.
I had three suitcases and a backpack full of stuff I needed. Clothes, xbox, games, more music and my ipad, which I used for internet and writing stories. My ipod was mostly for music and on-the-go games.
After Mom took out her key to the new house and unlocked it, we all entered.
It was big and the front door lead right into the living room.
There was a big TV shelf on the otherside of the wall, and in it was a big Flat Screen that the old residents left for us since they had so much money.
They left us a lot of stuff.
A queen bed in each bedroom, clean and washed thoroughly, a dresser in each room with over ten drawers in each one, a small flat screen TV in each one also, and toiletrees in each bathroom.
There were three bedrooms, and a bathroom in each.
It was a nice house, and we loved it.
I had all my sheets and blankets and pillows needed.
Tomarrow, the U-Haul truck would come to diliver our furniture.
That's all we needed dilivered, tables, chairs and a couch, because the old residents already gave us so much.
I went upstairs to a room that was painted dark blue.
"Nice," I told myself.
I set my stuff down.
I layed down on the bed.
"Cushy," I said.
I got up and went into the hallway.
"Dibs!" I called to everyone.
I went back into my room and started putting away clothes, when suddenly, I felt stalked.
I turned around to see Jack standing in the doorway, looking at me.
"What?" I asked him.
"I wish you would die, nameless.." he said to me.
"W-what? Why?" I asked him, feeling a tear stream down my left cheek.
"Because you're not my family. You're a loser," he said as he walked in and closed the door behind him.
He locked it.
"Jack," I said, feeling really nervous. "What are you doing..?"
He walked towards me closer, and closer.
Then, I felt a sharp pain in my right thigh.
I wanted to scream, but I couldn't.
I looked down, gaping, and saw his pocket knife deep inside me.
I looked back up at him, tears streaming everywhere, now.
He came and put his lips to my ears.
"One day, I will kill you," he whispered.
Then he took my face and kissed me on the lips passionatly.
As his lips seperated from mine, so did his knife from my leg.
Then he led me to my bed and I layed down, bleeding.
He slapped me before he left.

Why the fvck did this have to happen? Nothing made sense to me...

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