How To: Fall in Love (An Original Story)

Hello everyone! Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy!

She... Falls in Love... For the absolute first time. Not a crush, it's real.
Come along on her adventure! Find out by reading!

Chapter 4


Groaning, I couldn't imagine what I had to say to Tristan. He had to hang out with me! It's the first time I could only be alone with a guy, which felt like a crush. It was my special feeling, I couldn't just let it go... The first try and I lost it.... My eyes started to look up as they shrank, becoming narrow as I noticed I was glowering.

"Principal, I don't have time for detention today. I have an academy later on, right after school. So can I have double detention, tomorrow, instead?", I ask him, waiting for just a simple answer. There was a permanent smell of strictness that surrounded the principal, almost about to counter myself as an attack. The Principal started to say.

"Maxine, I am very disappointed in you... You know the rules of school. Detention is a detention. You have to go." Groaning, I snatched the detention slip and walked away. Class was almost over, as I decided to head for the detention room soon after I grab my backpack.

Walking in, I start to slid in a wooden chair as the legs of it rubbed itself on the shiny floor that reflected the light, which made a horrible sound. My backpack followed my movements, sliding itself onto the back of my chair. I pulled onto my long sleeves as I looked at the door, wondering who else was going to come in.

Laine Mahora. Of course, she was the school bully who steals lunch money from the nerds and broke the dress code. No belly-button showing shirts. Rolling my eyes, I started to glare back at my enemy, Darren Cox. He's the quarterback of the football team, Dodgers. He was known to be a legend in football of our school, but a pain in the back from the students.

Starting to gasp, the footsteps became louder as he came nearer. I saw the same converse shoes, the same ripped jeans, the same chocolate brown hair and the absolute same greenish brown eyes. His fair skin glowed heavenly in the air as his smile was made just for me.

"Hey, Maxine... You got detention too?", he asked, his smile almost fading. I started to ponder how such a sweet guy like Tristan could ever get detention...
Well, it was good timing.

We both got detention, maybe we can hang out after it. 40 minutes. Normally it was 30 minutes back in Middle School, but in High... 40 minutes. Every little pure minute lasted with nothing, giving me such fury. It was like a waste of your life.

The Detention teacher entered, her sharp voice telling us, "You have 40 minutes, students. I'll tell you when the time has arrived." Her sharp red glasses were like a librarian's, pointy and making me shiver as it almost- Scared me.

40 minutes... Such a waste. But I would do it if Tristan was either there, or if it was for Tristan.

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