How To: Fall in Love (An Original Story)

Hello everyone! Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy!

She... Falls in Love... For the absolute first time. Not a crush, it's real.
Come along on her adventure! Find out by reading!

Chapter 3

A Detention Bummer

"Great." Tristan answered, his smile widening by every second that was ticking on the clock that was hung up on the wall. Nodding, he walked away as I felt excitement pump through my veins. My fists clenched as they aimed for each other, making a similar clapping sound.

The fresh aroma exited the door as Tristan, did. I felt myself going red as my heart started beating so obviously. I couldn't clearly explain this feeling. It was wonderful!

My fingers stretched out and seeked for my notebook. I haven't remembered what I wrote down... But I was going to enjoy it, for sure! Rhyming! It was making me even more jumpy due to reading the poem.

Five minutes later, I started to calm down. Wishing that time could be conquered by myself, I sat there, like an idiot, glaring at the clock and scolding the school bell for not listening to my orders.

But the words came straight into my mind, opening the door of thoughts, marching into my brain as it reminded me. Wait. Where and when? What time?In a heartbeat my senses prickled and came fully alive.

A fierce color of brown wild fire started to die in my eyes as I clearly sprinted, looking around school for Tristan. I knew it was class time, and I had to be back in the computer room, but....

I came face-to-face with the principal as my fury brown eyes looked up to match the principal's. "Young Lady, are you skipping class? Detention!", the Principal answered, before I could even open my mouth to explain. Handing me a bright pink detention slip, it alarmed me that I had to cut through the hang-out.

The Detention wasn't going to allow it. I had to cancel the hang-out with Tristan... Bummer...

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