How To: Fall in Love (An Original Story)

Hello everyone! Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy!

She... Falls in Love... For the absolute first time. Not a crush, it's real.
Come along on her adventure! Find out by reading!

Chapter 2

I Write Poems

Whenever I have an emotional feeling or something that alarms me to, inside my body, I snatch out my notebook and write a simple poem that expresses my true feelings for something. I can be very poetic but not in my opinion.

There was the melody going inside my head chasing my thoughts around, finally catching it as I memorized the lyrics. Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy. But here's my number. So call me maybe.

Shaking all of those lyrics out of my thoughts, my fingers hugged the pencil as the eraser aimed for my cheeks. That's what I do when I think, as my bright pink tongue stuck out, like I was a young child.

It's the first time I had this feeling,
Is it you? Or is it just me? Love is stealing
Thoughts devour me from the inside and out
I'll catch me staring and then blushing, but I won't pout
I hope that you'll care enough
But right now, finding out is tough
That's all I have to say even though you can't hear me
But please, I'll pray to God to Let it Be

Closing my notebook, I never corrected my poems even if they were horrible. I'm a poetic person, who loves to hear music and poems. My grip tightened as I was nervous about Tristan catching me staring at him.

Holding up a hand, he quickly waved a bit and smiled his celebrity smile that shined so brightly in the shaft of light which almost blinded my emerald green eyes.

Tristan had a mop of chocolate brown hair that flowed silently in the air, as his brownish green eyes sparkled within his smile that was perfect. He was tall and fit which made me wonder. Why was he still single?

Pondering like I always did, I learned my lesson. Don't think too much. It hurts and you can jump to impossible conclusions. I mimicked the sound a girl next to me said, as I sat down on my computer seat, closing the window of my facebook account, quickly reminding myself that I logged out.

Tristan looked up at me as he exchanged my stare with his smile. Before he could talk, I pretended to grab a fake, invisible remote control and mute Tristan's voice. "Hey.... What's up?", I asked Tristan. What a stupid question...

"Not much, trying to talk with you though.", he answered. I requested a look of shock on my face as I could also feel it burning up. "R-really?", I ask him. He quickly nods, his bangs that are almost down to his eyebrows, bouncing which made me quickly smile to myself.

His smile was so bright due to his shiny white teeth that glowed, making it feel like an eclipse that I looked into, my eyes getting paler. "Cool...", I answered, half surprised and half happily.

He rose his hands up like he was just about to become arrested as he asked me, "Maxine, can you hang out tonight?" My face dropped as my jaw followed the movements. "Seriously? I mean, of course!", I quickly added. I didn't want to sound so desperate, either...

Did I say it wrong or right? I waited for Tristian's answer.

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