How To: Fall in Love (An Original Story)

Hello everyone! Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy!

She... Falls in Love... For the absolute first time. Not a crush, it's real.
Come along on her adventure! Find out by reading!

Chapter 1

No Love? What is it? Maxine's POV

My index finger slides onto the slippery round shape of the computer's mouse, as I scroll down, scanning for something interesting in my Facebook account's news feed. Hypnotism surrounded the wide screen like there was a drug-seller or dealer down in the streets of New York City, selling some pills to a total addict.

I tugged in her long bangs that fell onto my shoulders, back in place, behind theear. There was a post that grabbed my attention, tightly with it's invisible hands. If you are still crushing on someone for over 6 months, it means that you are in love. It's no longer a crush.

The post simply stated. As a stampede of arguments rushed in my brain, I stared so clearly at the screen that I pondered if my eyes were bloodshot by looking so closely at the screen. Nearly, my eyes widened as big as saucers and were litterally glued to screen which burned my eyes.

My hair's bristles tickled me at the neck as it paced back and forth due to the soft wind breeze filling in the air with a delight smell called rose petals and strawberries. Mixed with a slight touch of food like baked bread straight from the oven, made the scent into a total auroma.

Forgetting all about the post, which I hated and didn't understand due to my fact that I have never fallen in love before. I'm Maxine Hunter and a 17 year old high schooler. I don't understand love, I'm confused and insecure about it. I just don't... Get the feeling or sensation inside me, almost alarming me like a school bell that I have a crush.

People daydream. It can be endless, like eternity of nonstop thinking which lasts. Love is like.. The gate keeper for life. It teaches us a lesson, and how to love someone. Am I fibbing?

Arguments rushed passed me as my index finger removed the embrace it was having with the mouse and my eyes turned to meet someone else's gaze. Tristian Cox's. Breathing slowly, it felt like fod and pollution in the air as I started to vreath rapidly, gasping for air.

A blush creeped onto my cheeks as it made me flush itself and my eyes hurridly scanned the ground. Covering my face, there were drops of hot water on my forehead that was almost so clear I could see my reflection in it. It was sweat. Maybe because..

My hands started to point at Tristian by itself, reminding me something.
Wait, what's this feeling I never had before? Could it be?

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