Let's Get These Teen Hearts Beating Faster (A Love Story of Sorts)

"Love sickness needs a love cure."
Chinese proverb. (Obtained from the quotes on Dictionary.com)

Chapter 2

Chapter 1: The Consequence

Kennedy Atkins didn't send the text. She swore over her own life as well as willingly offered to do the same over a stack of Bibles, and yet no one believed her. She knew that Stacey was naïve, but never would she send the mass text showcasing Stacey in all her unclothed entirety. Kennedy was a nice girl with a good reputation. . . . up until this point.

As a result of her "inappropriate actions", it was requested by the school that Kennedy be transferred to the boarding school two towns away. Kennedy begged, pleaded, and cried for this not to happen. And all of it was in vain, for Kennedy Atkins was sent to Rawlings' Academy for Troubled Youths. Beneath the "sophisticated" title, Kennedy knew that this place was a recipe for disaster. From drugs and alcohol at dorm parties, to the psycho teens shut away from the world.

Kennedy's mother, Sherry, drove her to the Academy on a rainy Saturday, and Kennedy's belongings were shoved into the backseat and trunk. Kennedy hadn't spoken a word to her parents, and they made no effort to speak to her either, choosing to ignore her and pay attention to her younger sister, Reagan. That was fine with Kennedy, she wasn't particularly fond of her parents right now anyway.

Her mom helped her carry her things to the main office, where they were greeted by a burly man with a buzz cut.
"Welcome to Rawlings' Academy!" He has cheerily said, though it was a most unpleasant circumstance. "You must be Miss Kennedy Atkins, and you Mrs. Atkins," He said, shaking their hands with fervor.
"I'm Walter Jenkins, but you can call me Headmaster," He said, a joyous smile plastered on his face.
"I hope you know why my daughter is here," Mrs. Atkins said, tight lipped.
"Oh of course, distribution of pornography, isn't it?" The headmaster said, his smile starting to fade.
"I keep telling you people I didn't do it, and yet here I am, walking into prison," Kennedy grumbled, picking up one of her duffel bags.
"Think of it as a rehabilitation center to help you realize your faults and wrong doings," Headmaster said, his gaze going from a warm welcome, to cold glare.

"So. . . . prison? That's what all wardens say, and don't try to fool me Sir, I've seen The Shawshank Redemption more times than I care to count, we all know even if I say I'm better and admit my wrong doing, I'm never getting out of here." She met his cold stare evenly.

The headmaster cleared his throat, realizing that Kennedy was as smart as she was pretty. He turned to her mother and suggested they take her belongings to the room and then take a tour.
"As a fair warning, the dorm rooms are co-ed, as you should know, and that Miss Kennedy here will be sharing her room with a boy. Given he is troubled like everyone else here, but he is respectable towards all the women here. His name is Alec Johnstone, and I'm sure he'll help you out on your first day, which is Monday." The headmaster said.

Kennedy wasn't paying attention, choosing instead to look around the halls and watching the "troubled youths" moping about. She knew she didn't belong here, and the fact that she had to share a room with some Alec wasn't the most comforting addition to her uneasiness. When they reached the dorm, room 322, she heard music coming from inside. So this place wasn't a complete prison, but the symbolism remained the same.

The headmaster knocked on the door before opening it. Inside, posters covered the left side of the room as did piles of clothes. Kennedy stepped inside to see the most attractive (bad) boy she had ever seen. From his tousled brown-almost-black hair, his piercing ice blue eyes, to his baggy jeans with numerous holes and Converse, he just screamed "I'm a bad boy and I couldn't care less what you think."

"Hello Mr. Johnstone, I just wanted to introduce you to your new roommate," Headmaster said, gesturing to Kennedy. "This is Kennedy Atkins, I'm sure you two will get along just fine."
Alec gave Kennedy the twice over from head to toe, a smirk teased his lips, apparently liking what he saw.
"Welcome to the never ending purgatory prison from which you shall not escape. Trust me, I've tried. Twice," He said.

"Hmm, it seems I'm not the only one who has a tendency to compare rehabilitation centers to prison. I sense a motif," Kennedy said, shooting a glare at the headmaster.
Mrs. Atkins checked her watch.
"I'm sorry Mr. Jenkins, but I can't stay much longer, my other daughter has a dance recital and I have to be there. I'm sure Mr. Johnstone can give her a tour," Mrs. Atkins said.
"Of course." Alec said, standing up and putting an arm around Kennedy. "Anything to help a friend."

After Mrs. Atkins and the headmaster left, Kennedy was left alone with Alec to unpack her belongings.
"So, bad girl with a surname as her given name, what are you in for?" Alec asked in his cool voice as he lounged on his bed, watching her unpack.
"Just for the record, I didn't do it. But apparently I distributed a nude picture of some girl named Stacey. I've never even spoken to her, how would I acquire a picture of her in such a vulnerable state?" She asked, mostly to herself.
"So you're a dirty bad girl? I think we're going to be great friends," Alec said, giving her a smile.

"And what are you in for?"
"I beat this kid up so bad he's been in a coma for about three months now."
Kennedy stopped unpacking. She realized that not all people here did things like she did, some were violent, some were sleeper-cells ready to strike.
Kennedy didn't say anything, and continued to unpack. Once she finished she lied on her newly made bed.

"I don't scare you do I?" Alec asked curiously. Kennedy looked over and noticed several tattoos she hadn't noticed before.
"No, not really," Kennedy sniffed, hiding the truth.
"Good, because I want to show you what we bad kids do for fun," Alec said, with a conspirator's smile.

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