Harry Potter Fan Firsts

I guess you could call this a bit of a repost, but I can't wait to see what all of you have to say for these! Just answer them or put not applicable and please give it a shot! Unless you're not really into Harry Potter. Then you're excused.

Chapter 1

Can't Wait to See What Y'all Put!

I can't wait to see what you guys put for these. They're just questions about your first times in terms of Harry Potter! I might put my answers up in a little bit. Please comment if you're going to try it!

Potterhead Firsts:
1. First Harry Potter movie you ever watched?

2. First Harry Potter book you ever read?

3. First Harry Potter movie you saw in theatres?

4. First Harry Potter movie premiere you went to?

5. First time you dressed as a character? (Why and what character?)

6. First spell you wished you could use in real life?

7. First time you cried while reading?

8. First Harry Potter actor you saw in another movie and couldn’t envision as anything other than said character? (What actor and what movie?)

9. First Harry Potter couple you shipped?

10. First song you thought was a Harry Potter character’s theme? (What character and what song?)

11. First Harry Potter merchandise or replica you owned?

12. First time you quoted Harry Potter character? (Who and what quote?)

13. First Harry Potter insult you used? (Other than the ever famous “Filthy Mudblood”.)

14. First major movie inconsistency you noticed? (What movie and what’s the difference?)

15. First time you compared someone to a character? (Who and what character?)

16. First time you were compared to a character? (What character?)

17. First character you wished was real?

18. First House you ever wanted to be sorted into?

19. First line or scene you thought was really funny from a movie or book?

20. First character you ever hated?

21. First character you adored?

22. First character whose death you mourned?

23. First person you converted into being a Potterhead?

24. First wizard duel you’ve had with someone?

25. First time you told someone that your Hogwarts letter got lost in the mail, that your owl ate it, etc…

26. First time you wanted to punch J.K. Rowling?

27. First time you wanted to hug J.K. Rowling?

28. First time being disappointed an HP movie director? (Which one?)

29. First PPP video watched?

30. First HP fanfiction read?

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