Season's Passings

For the Quibblo Writing Contest #15

Chapter 1

Season's Passings

by: Salocin
Under a blanket of heavy snow, the flowers sleep safe down below.

They wait for thaw, they wait for spring, and sounds that bees make with their wings.

The sun rose high to melt the snow and allowed upon the seeds to sow.

Into valleys, over hills, roses, tulips, and daffindils.

Clouds of rain are in the sky, making sure there's nothing dry.

Little stems can now be seen, turning into fields of green.

By and by the bulbs appear, at times a lunch for passing deer.

The ground is hot, the breeze is light; it lasts until the still cool night.

Morning comes and flowers burst; all wanting to be first.

Pollen carried all around; some picked up, and some put down.

Herds of flowers made anew, each one with a glorious hue.

Fields and fields spread out for miles, just the thing to make Earth smile.

Summer comes and goes quiet fast; it's funny how it never lasts.

Fall is here, it bites and stings, it tells the birds to no longer sing.

They fly off and go far away, but still the flowers have to stay.

First flakes of snow are on the ground; it makes things shiver all around.

Rising high, it covers all, you'd think it winter instead of fall.

Many months there's still to wait; so shall be the flowers fate.

Under a blanket of heavy snow, the flowers sleep safe down below.


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