Live while we're dead. [1D and TWILIGHT] (FINISHED)

Yeah I write too much One adirection I know!
Anyway this is my thrid group story with and it is a one direction and twilight cross over!

Chapter 2

Kestrel Crescent

Shock.Is the first thing I feel.It stopped.The burning stopped.Then relief.The horrible pain is gone.My eyes flicker open and I see Niall and Liam to my side.Staying away.3 years ago,they stopped answering my phone calls.Ignoring every text and not answering the door when I called.I feel connected to them.Like I'm related to them.I sit up without any effort.I stare at my ripped jeans.Wow.Messed up.I can see every single thread.It's like a piece of art.Wait,what?!I can see every single thread!In the distance I can hear the flapping of a birds wings,a door shutting,but I'm in the woods.I blink and look at my pale skin.It's even paler than before.Barely,but no color.Nothing.I move my hand around and into the sunlight.It sparkles like diamonds and I gasp.I hear every texture of Liam's and Niall's laughs.

"What's going on?"I ask.
"Do you remember what happened on Monday?"Liam asks.
"Think back hard."Niall adds.The memory floods back,but blurrily.We went to the woods.I slipped up and extremely cut my knee.Liam was at my side in half a second.Then he bit me.
"Why did you bite me?"
"Blood lust."he shrugs like I'd get it.At the word blood,my nose peeks up.The burning begins once again in my throat.
"What's going on?"I repeat once again using all my mite trying not to leap forward for a target of blood.

"Hard to explain."Liam puzzles.
"Tell me."
"It's hard."
"RIDDLE IT THEN!"I yell frustrated.I close my eyes trying to calm down.They seem to step back.
"What do you lust for?"
"I don't know."
"Would you be hungry if you hadn't ate since Monday?"
"What day is it?"

"But are you?"
"No."I say trying to place the feeling.My body wants something,but I don't know what.
"What's the opposite of hunger?"
"Do you thirst for water?"
"What do you thirst for?"
"Skin color?"

"What are you?"
"V...V...V..."I struggle.
"Come on."
"V...Vampire."I stutter.
"What do you want to eat?"
"Drink."Niall intercepts.
"Blood,not human."I say.I leap forward and attack a deer in the trees.I suck his blood.Delicious.

"Woah!"Niall gasps.
"Not many newborns will just attack a deer when they could run out for a human."
"Newborns are..."Liam says looking for a word.
"Mad."Niall says.I laugh remembering what I've been missing the last 3 years.
"What do you mean?"
"Newborns lust more for blood.The burning is worse.We don't know why.You're also stronger.Blood always makes vampires stronger.Newborns are stronger as our human blood lingers in the tissues."

"Do you drink human blood?"
"We did the first year,but since 2 years ago,we've been trying to master vegetarianism."
"Vegetable blood?"
"Animal blood."
"How is that?"
"The simpler way."
"Oh."A thought flickers into my head.
"ALEX!She'll be worried about me!"I exclaim.Liam and Niall glance at each other.What?

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