Bring On The Death

Chapter 1

Yesh, it's time to die, sho back off

Take me out
Outta reach
So my mama cant hear meh
Hear my cry
Or hear my screech
So she won't have to miss me

Lay me down
On the beach
And take away my love and peace
Hear my cry
And hear my screech
So its easier to die today
You don't know what I've been through


Bring on the death
Bring on the death
Bring on the fight
Bring on my dark
Where's my life when given to me
Bring in dispair
Kill meh right now
Bring on the devil
Bring on my sacrifice
Sacrifice meh right now
Fvck my life until the end

[Verse 2]

Cut me up
And curse my heart
And bring my soul its dying death
Won't hear my cry
Or hear my screech
'Cause I'm already dying

Throw me out
And feed your dogs
Every flesh left off my bones
Won't hear my cry
Or hear my screech
I'm already gone anyway
I hope the devil cuts off your tongue and uses it as toilet paper


You won't hear my cry, nor you'll hear my screech, you won't back down till I'm finally breech with your baby your child so much like you (uh!) You won't let me go, you gonna chain meh up in your basement, this ain't gonna let up! You won't hear my plea untill I'm calling him (Marcus!)



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