To understand me better, please read this rant.

Because everything is so f^cking stupid.

Chapter 1

I Hate Chapter Titles

by: Mines
People may wonder why I'm an Atheist. It's mainly because religion is the cause of most wars. Because there's so much scientific proof that no all-powerful god or gods are controlling everything that happens. I, personally, hate war. I hate it when people are mean to each other for no reason. I hate it when people give up on peace and love and just living to live. I want to cry when I see people being kind to each other because I think it's so stupid that everyone refuses to be like that. It breaks my heart. Absolutly shatters it to pieces. I hate it when people are annoying just to bother people. I hate it when people don't do as people ask just because they say "It's a free country, I can do whatever the hell I want". For example, if I'm talking to someone and they use no capitalization whatsoever and ask them to please use proper capitalization and they refuse because they feel like bothering me. I'm so sick of this sh^t.


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