Stop and Stare [An Unusual 1D Story]

As you call tell, it is a One Direction fanfic, BUT with a more wicked twist. WARNING: If you have a faint heart or are weak at the stomach, cannot handle sexual situations, and can not handle gore well, please refrain from reading this story.

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Chapter 3


by: Dance

"Emalyn! DW!"
I hurried my way into the Disease Ward. It seemed I was spending all of my time there since the Taker hit. I worked in St. Ursula's Hospital, in Greenville, Alabama. I was working on becoming a nurse, so I had to spend a certain amout of time volunteering at a hospital.
I had volunteered every day, in ten hour shifts, since Taker. I worked especially in the Disease Ward, helping to care for Taker victims. I knew it was dangerous, but I didn't want anyone to suffer from the Taker. Not like Ryder did.
As I walked through the hallway, replacing bedpans and doing anything to make the crazed patients comfortable, all I could think of was Ryder. He was my older brother, and my best friend. He was a wide reciever on the University of Alabama football team, when they won the championship in 2012. I remembered all the Crimson Tide fans rushing to the field. Ryder's smiled looked like it would've broken his face.
I was emptying out bedpans, trying to breath in as little of the awful scent as possible, when the whole hospital shook.
There were ear-splitting screams when the windows shattered and the lights flickered. I dropped to the ground, covering my face and head.
I needed to get to my apartment. I lived alone, and had no car. No one would come to get me.
I pushed myself up and started running. Taker victims stared at me, their unnaturally large eyes sending shivers up my spine. I tried to ignore screams and gunshots coming from outside. I slipped out the back way, pushing my legs as fast as they could. It was then that I was thankful Ryder always made me play football in the backyard, giving me good stamina.
When I was safely in my apartment, I wasted no time. I ran to my room, grabbing a backpack. I threw in some clothes, a photo of my parents--who had been victims of Taker shortly after Ryder--Ryder, and I, several bottles of water, some nonperishables, and my First Aid Kit. Being a nurse-in-training would come in handy.

I was on my way to the train station later that day, my backpackers securely on my back. It wasn't a normal train station, though. It was an underwater train station. I had heard some men talking about how there were certain stops and there happened to be one near here. It started in the Alabama River and would continue to the Mississippi, where it would join others.
When I finally reached the edge of the crystal blue river, I checked to make sure I was wearing Ryder's UA necklace, had my backpack, and wasn't being followed by any victims of the Taker. Check, check, and check.
A man guarded the submarine that seemed to be the only way to get to the station.
"Train station, ma'am?" He asked, his southern draw as strong as mine.
"Yes, sir," I said shyly, a bit nervous.
"Climb on in."
I took a last look at my town in the distance. Black smoke curling in the air, sirens blaring the song of war and distress. But there was the Alabama sky, still beating down.
"Bye, 'Bama," I muttered, climbing into the submarine. I climbed intoned the dark submarine, where I saw some others. A mother and her two young children, an elderly couple, and a middle-aged man. They all eyed me as I checked all of their eyes. All healthy. I sat down, and settled in for what would be a long ride. I could still hear ear-splitting screams as the guard shut the door to the submarine.

"Miss, move along!" Someone growled in my ear. We were on land, meeting another train with more people. I had been distracted by everything around me. Bodies littered the streets. Some dead from illness, bullets, beatings. Some still groaning in pain but unable to move.
The man's words pushed me forward, and due to my own clumsiness, I bumped into two bodies.
"Oh, excuse me," I said as they turned around.
One of them had brown curls that hung loose over green eyes. The other had the same color hair, but messy and shorter, with crystal blue eyes. They were both clearly healthy. And significantly taller than me.
"Oh, it's alright," the curly-haired boy said.
"Are you heading to the train?" The other asked.
"Yeah, I am. And you?"
"Yep. I'm Louis and that's Harry," the blue eyed boy introduced them, beginning to walk again, but keeping his eyes on me.
"I'm Emalyn," I said, walking with them.
Fresh screams broke through the air along with more shattered windows and gunshots.
"Come on!" Harry shouted, taking off running. I ran with the boys, both of them kept an arm over me to help shield from any glass. I stumbled along the way, but the boys would grab my hands and pull me along.
Eventually, we made it to the station, quickly making our way in.
We sat down fast, breathing heavy. My heart raced as I looked around as I waited for it to be time for the train to leave.
We were the only people on the train.

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