Stop and Stare [An Unusual 1D Story]

As you call tell, it is a One Direction fanfic, BUT with a more wicked twist. WARNING: If you have a faint heart or are weak at the stomach, cannot handle sexual situations, and can not handle gore well, please refrain from reading this story.

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Chapter 2

Memory Loss

by: xBVBx

The 'Taker'. Deadly, scary, and totally unpredictable.
Dad and I were walking up and down the aisles of the store, quickly gathering regular necessities we'd need to survive. Everyone had said the end of the world was coming, but nobody really knew when. The end of the world had already come for some of us, though.
Half the population was wiped out, including three important people. My mother and younger brother and sister had gone to California on a two day trip. Upon returning, they all had the same crazed look. Dad locked them up in the shed in the backyard, despite the screaming and protests. After only three days, they were dead, bites marks on each of them. They had tried to use the other to survive as a food source.
I shook the disturbing pictures out of my head, watching as dad pushed random objects into the cart.
"Dad, when are we leaving?" I asked quietly, my backpack tight on my shoulders.
"When we're done, Rogue. Stop asking," he said impatiently, grabbing can after can of food.
"But you said that we were on a time limit. Ten minutes tops," I replied, crossing my arms.
He turned quickly and stared me down. "Stop asking. We are almost done. Got it?"
The only thing I could do was nod. I didn't know how to respond to a message like that. He'd never snapped at me like that before.
I quietly drank from my bottle of water, trying to keep my hydration up. Most of the water supply here in Alaska had shut off, so we had to provide for ourselves. The 'Taker' wasn't too far from hitting us, so it was only a matter of time before it would.
"Rogue, go grab some-"
Sirens began going off. The windows towards the front of the store were shaking and people were trying to look out them. Suddenly, they were all on the ground, dead. My eyes widened in horror at the scene before my dad pushed me away from it, yelling: "Run, Rogue! Get back to the house! I'll meet you there!"
I nodded, making sure my backpack was on tight before sprinting for the back doors. They were wide open, seeing as people were always finding ways into stores at night. I slid through them quickly, bolting through the snow to the back roads. I knew dad would make it home. He was strong, he was resistant. He'd be alright.

As I sat on the couch in the living room, my heart pounded hard. It had been almost thirty minutes since I had seen my dad. When I looked to check the clock again, something else caught my eye. The memorial plaque of my mother and siblings.
They looked so happy, and so healthy. There was no sign of the 'Taker' on them. But that was before they left for the trip. When they came back, they were pale and weak. Not to mentioning they always had this creepy ring to their voice.
"Why'd you have to go?" I mumbled, staring at the picture.
A jumble at the doorknob pulled me from my thoughts and I lifted the gun in my hands, standing up straight. With one finger on the trigger, I waited. The doorknob continued to jiggle and my eyes widened.
Someone's trying to break in.
The jiggling stopped and I caught my breath, my heart pounding fiercely against my chest. The door slowly opened and I was ready to pull the trigger, until I saw the outline of familiar brown hair.
"Oh, jeez, dad! You scared the piss outta me!" I yelled, putting my arms to my side. "Where have you been?"
"Oh, just making my way back here," he replied, his voice airy. That was not like him.
"What held you up?"
"So many people, they are everywhere."
I raised an eyebrow, slightly unsure of my dad and I knew something was wrong. "Dad, step into the light."
"Aw, there's no need for-"
"Step into the light!"
It was quiet after that, but his feet started to move. Once I got a look at his face, I knew he was a goner. Pale face, and his pupils were huge, covering his iris. I felt my blood run cold and I lifted the gun in my hand. "Dad, go out to the shed."
"That's no way to treat your father," he snapped, his pupils enlarging even more.
"Dad, go to the shed!" I screamed, absolutely terrified of this new being.
"Stop telling me what to do!" he countered, before he lunged at me.
Only a few seconds later, he was on the ground next to my feet, dead. Smoke rose from the barrel of my gun and my heart stopped. I shot my dad. He was gone.My heart wrenched tightly in my chest, before knowing I'd have to leave. Head to the rest of the states or something, even if that meant coming in contact with a bigger population of people.
I ran around the house, throwing different things into another pack and threw that over my other one. I reached down at my dad and slipped his rifle from his waist. He never remembered he had it, that's how crazed he was.
"Bye dad. I love you."


What was my last name? Where was I from? The only thing I remember before the explosion is my name and my dad. I couldn't exactly remember why he was dead, though. I just knew he was.
I was in Nevada, one the last places populated with people. I had found out there were small clusters everywhere, but you never know who you can trust in these times.
With a hijacked car and a backseat full of food, water, bullets, and gas, I knew if I wanted to go across the country, I could. And I kinda liked this desert look of the place. I could see my targets easier.
Did I have a mother? Or any siblings? My mind kept going back to researching my past. I remembered my age, eighteen and a half. But what had happened to the rest of my family, besides my dad? Where was I from? And what day was I born on? I knew it was somewhere around the end of fall, and the beginning of winter, but I just couldn't remember.
I shook the shouting thoughts out of my mind and kept driving, my only goal to get to the other side of the country alive.

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