Stop and Stare [An Unusual 1D Story]

As you call tell, it is a One Direction fanfic, BUT with a more wicked twist. WARNING: If you have a faint heart or are weak at the stomach, cannot handle sexual situations, and can not handle gore well, please refrain from reading this story.

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Chapter 12

You Might Hate Me

by: Dance
"Well, let's split into two groups and go in the other trucks," Liam said.
"Louis, Em, you can be with me, and Liam, Harry, and Niall will go together," Zayn said.
Part of me wondered if he split Harry, Louis, and I up so we couldn't turn on them and run, taking supplies with us.
"And what about the dog?" Niall asked, looking at Rosie who sat beside me.
"She'll come with us. She likes me, and she knows Zayn already," I said, all the boys looking at me.
In all honesty, these boys did intimidate me a little bit. Not that I was going to show it.
Zayn nodded and grabbed the keys to a truck, as did Liam.
"Meet us at Wal-Mart," Liam nodded to Zayn.
We all headed to the trucks, me hoisting my short self into the backseat. Rosie jumped in beside me while Zayn got in the driver's seat and Louis sat up front.
Zayn peeled out, driving fast and a bit recklessly.
I couldn't help but wonder if they would actually run the truck into the side of the building.
That question was answered for me when we pulled up to Wal-Mart and I saw the truck-sized hole in the side of the building. And three boys grinning proudly as they leaned against the truck.
We parked next to them and all got out of the truck, looking at the huge hole.
"Pretty great, huh?" Harry smirked.
"I'm just amazed you managed to beat us here with Zayn's driving," I snickered.
Louis laughed while Zayn just glared a bit.
"Okay. So, we'll get bedding and mattresses, you three get food. Lots of nonperishables." Liam instructed.
We all nodded and entered the store.
"Em, go grab a few cases of water. Louis and I will grab food," Zayn instructed.
I nodded and took off, Rosie following close on my heels.
I looked all through the aisles, until I saw it.
Two gallon jugs of water and one twenty-four pack of bottled water. All that was left. I guessed the place had been ransacked before the majority of the population died.
Like the once young girl lying dead in front of the water. She looked like she had been a Victim, but she was dead now, thankfully.
I stepped over the Victim to grab the water, when all the sudden something grabbed my ankle.
So she wasn't dead.
I started kicking and hitting, but the Victim pulled on my leg, nearly getting pulled onto the floor where I would definitely be killed.
All of the sudden Rosie attacked the Victim, going for her neck. I watched as she tore apart the flesh, and I was instantly thankful I wasn't afraid of blood.I yanked my foot out of the grip of the Victim, as Rosie killed her.
Thank God for Aqua and Rosie.
I grabbed the water and stepped over the now dead body, whistling to Rosie who followed me.
We quickly met up with the Zayn and Louis, and I put down the water.
"It was all they had," I sighed, looking at the water.
"It'll do for now," Zayn said.
"Why is Rosie's mouth...blood red?" Louis questioned, raising an eyebrow.
"We ran into a bit of trouble. I don't know if there are any more Victims, but Rosie took care of one," I told them.
They both frowned, and I saw them both reach around for their guns before he heard Niall, Liam, and Harry coming from a nearby aisle, each carrying several sets of bedding.
"Put it all in the back of your truck," Liam ordered as they approached.
We put in several sets of bedding, all the water, and all the food Zayn and Louis got (which was a lot) in the back of our truck.
"Now all we need is mattresses," Niall said. We all sighed and went to start carrying and loading mattresses.

When we finally got back to the house, Rogue, Aqua, and Lux were already there. Rogue looked like she was in a lot of pain and Aqua immediately came up to me, holding Lux.
"Em, Rogue needs you. We got in a bit of trouble and she got scratched by a Victim," Aqua told me when I got out of the truck. Rosie ran straight to her side.
I looked back at the boys who heard this and all frowned.
"Go. Hurry up. We'll take care of this," Harry said.
I grabbed my bag containing my First Aid kid and rushed to Rogue, who was lying on the ground.
"Let me see it," I told her.
She lifted her shirt, revealing a deep cut.
"You'll be fine. I can definitely take care of this. But you might hate me," I told her, pulling out the Kit.
I looked around before grabbing a shirt out of my bag and pressing it down on the cut. She bit her lip, and I frowned. I knew this would be painful, but otherwise it could get infected.
I held the shirt on there, watching it slowly turn red. I waited until the bleeding stopped before grabbing peroxide and a cotton swab.
"Now is when you really will hate me," I said quietly, dabbing it onto the cut. I knew this would be stinging her like crazy, but it was important.
She whimpered quietly, as footsteps approached behind me.
"How is she?" Harry asked.
"She'll be alright," I said quietly, putting a gauze pad over the area and taping it down tightly.
I finished and put everything away as Aqua brought a fussy Lux over to Harry and Rogue.
"Well, you're all patched up," I smiled, before turning to walk away.
"Emalyn!" Rogue called to me. I turned to face her and she smiled.
"Thank you."

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