Stop and Stare [An Unusual 1D Story]

As you call tell, it is a One Direction fanfic, BUT with a more wicked twist. WARNING: If you have a faint heart or are weak at the stomach, cannot handle sexual situations, and can not handle gore well, please refrain from reading this story.

Copyright proclaimed on March 3rd, 2013. You will be reported for using any ideas, names, places, or for posting this on your own profile. If wanting to write similar to this story, please copy the link and give credit in your info.

Chapter 1

Black Out


It happened on April 9th. It was the day before Good Friday and naturally, people were fasting and preparing for their trip to relatives house's for Easter. School was still in session. That's where most of the panic started. The electricity went out. People were proclaiming the end of the world, and in the a way, I suppose they were right. A horrible decease had been spreading the whole previous year and knocking down the total population by at least half. People were terrified, taking kids out of school and some even out of colleges. Professors were losing their jobs quickly, starting panic amongst their family, and simple school teachers were being fired and some getting the decease. No one knew what to call it, and merely named it the "Taker" implying 'Taker of Lives'.

My own mother, Angela Hawkwood, was an artist that had just gotten a job painting self portraits for a few richer people. She had contracted the Taker a year ago. She was one of the first to go. I had been living in New York when it hit it's first location. The media had reported that it started in California and was spreading East. My father had a heart attack at age 50. So by the age of 20, both of my parents were dead and I was living with no other family member alive in the world. I had only other creature that I considered family and that was my American Pit Bull Terrier, Rosie.

Rosie was trained to guard the house when I was working at Olive Garden. I was keen on living here, especially when Taker hit, but I had nowhere else to go.


When the power went out, I was working. As a waitress, I had to deal with people from all over, including people obviously sick with Taker. The first thing we heard was the screeching of metal from outside. My coworker, Alice, and I rushed towards the windows and saw that five cars had rammed into each other. People were screaming and rushing towards the scene. The stop light was blank. Next the light in Olive Garden flickered and shut off. Glass breaking broke the silence and people were screaming, rushing out. I was shoved against the window, which shattered against my body. And Alice was screaming and I had happened to glance over at her and see her impaled with a shard of glass.

I had a few cuts, but nothing I couldn't handle. The boss, Artie, was ordering me to board up the windows. I stared at him before I turned and stared out at the scene. It was chaos. People were running around with god knows what in their hands and shoving people out of the way. It apparently took less than a minute for everything to turn into 'Every Man For Himself'. I had thought everything was going to pass within ten minutes, but it only got worse. Everyone was crazy, even Artie gave up on trying to protect his restaurant and slipped out back to get his car.

As the situation worsened, crazed men came at the windows and shattered them. I had screamed and dropped to my knees and covered my head. I wasn't going to die for this blasted place. After the men raided, I managed to get out with only a few bruises. I dashed home quickly, nearly getting killed several times by people with guns. Gangs were loving this pandemonium, a perfect time to rob, mug, and any other vile activities they perform to innocent people. The world population was going to kill itself off.


I got to my apartment as soon as I could. My door was hanging open and feet were sticking out of the doorway. I inch towards my door and frown down at the body. Someone had tried to break in. I gently nudge the body's head and the head moves slightly to reveal Brad, an ex coworker. He had obviously been mauled by my dog, Rosie, who was sitting innocently on the couch. I push Brad's body out of the doorway and shut it quickly. Rosie barks happily and rushes to my side, her muzzle covered in blood.

I do the only thing I know how to do; I pack up my precious and needed belongings and then I leave. I grab as many bottles of water as possible, some nonperishable fruit and other foods. I stash some bread just in case, and grab Rosie's requirements: her bowls, a couple baggies of her food, her muzzle and leash. Then I set out for escaping this crisis.

If anyone finds this, I hope it is merely lost and I am not dead. But if I am, I can only say one thing.

Happy hunting.

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