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Author's Note:

This is my first (I think) ever entry for a Quibblo Writing Contest, so do show support! :) I'm trying my best.

P.S I know that when you read the first few chapters, you'll be wondering: "I thought the animals were supposed to be based off of people? When you read the last chapter, the truth will be explained.

Congratulations, you have found the eighth clue! You're nearing the finale!

Eighth Clue:
Find out my reaction to the new Top Friends List.

Chapter 1

The Quibblonian

Dear Diary,

I can't believe it. My mind is reeling.

Today, when my papa got back home from work, he announced to me his decision. All this time, we've been living on the Quibblo Home Page, but at dinner tonight, he announced his decision for the whole family to migrate to YouTube.

I was stunned. Everything was just a blur. I remember yelling at my papa, telling him it was the wrong decision to move out. I told him of how much I loved living in Quibblo. I protested. I cried. I argued. But my papa's mind was set.

"We are migrating to YouTube and that's final!" he yelled. "Living in Quibblo is a bad influence on you! It corrupts your mind!"

It seems hopeless. I can't bear to leave all my friends behind. But my papa and I reached a compromise.

He said that we would also bring along the animals from our animal farm. That made me happy. I've been on my papa's animal farm countless times and it's like a second home to me, apart from the Quibblo Home Page.

It might not be much, but at least I won't be leaving everything about my old life behind.


Dear Diary,

Disaster has struck.

Last night on the ship, I said goodbye to my mama and my papa for the last time. I remember retreating to my room and trying to sleep. Try as I might, sleep would not come.

Sleeping on the large ship made me uncomfortable with its unfamiliar surroundings. It was the worst bout of insomnia I'd ever suffered from.

So I decided that maybe a walk on deck would do me some good. I could use some fresh air.

I took along this diary and a pen, with hopes of penning down some ideas for a story I'd been wanting to write on Quibblo but never got a chance too.

It was a wistful hope, bringing my diary along with me. But it was better than admitting that all hopes of writing on Quibblo again were gone.

I went up on deck and stood by the helm. Gazing out at the sea, I thought it was very calm and peaceful. Never did I expect the waves to suddenly become so choppy.

After half an hour of being up on deck and writing out ideas and plots for my story, I heard the rumble of thunder.

I turned around to head back inside the ship but when I tried to open the door, it was stuck!

At that point, I panicked. Living on the Quibblo Home Page, apart from the tales of adventure that other users had written, I'd never experienced anything close to adventure. Thus, being locked out was one of the most frightening things that ever happened to me.

Instead of screaming to the deck hands that I needed help, which should have been the logical thing to do, all I did was furiously try to pry the door open with pure strength. Of course that was needlessly foolish. The door was jammed shut.

By the time I realised that I would not be able to open that door even if I strained with all my strength for an hour, the drizzle of rain had risen to a full-blown thunderstorm.

The deck hands ran about, screaming: "The ship is sinking!"

At the time, I tried to talk to some of them, to ask them what had happened.
One deck hand had grabbed me by the shoulders quickly.

"Get in the life boat!" he yelled.

Jostling me roughly, he dragged me to one of the life boats and hauled me in.

"Get in! We must abandon ship!" the deck hand yelled.

I leaned out over the helm of the ship and saw the waves smashing against the hull forcefully. The entire ship shook and teeetered like a see-saw.

I was still clutching my diary and pen.

"What about my papa? My mama?" I asked in a meek voice.

Before the deck hand could answer, the ship shook violently. Even more than before. The whole ship was literally leaning to the left.

The life boat had been connected to a pulley. As the ship shook, the ropes snapped and I felt the life boat plunge down into the water.

Luckily, the life boat lived up to its name and kept me afloat. I watched in horror, staring at the large, gaping hole in the side of the ship. Seawater was gushing in and the whole ship groaned and creaked.

"HEY!" I yelled. I tried to stand up but the waves tossed the life boat around and I fell back down.

"My papa! My mama!" I yelled."

I couldn't see the deck hand anymore. It was pitch black out here at sea, the only light source being the flashes of lightning.

The large ship was silhouetted in the dying flashes of lightning.

I could see it was already half-submerged as it slowly began to sink underneath the surface of the sea.

"Wait! What about me?" I yelled.

There was a strange braying noise coming from my left. I looked over and nearly fell out of the boat in shock.

There was a zebra lying on the side of the life boat. One of its legs looked injured and it brayed morosely, looking at me with sad eyes.

As the lightning flashed, I caught sight of a person's silhouette. Someone was struggling in the water, not too far from my life boat.

"Hey! Papa! Mama! Is that you?" I screamed.

Ignoring the injured zebra for now, I tried to paddle the boat closer to the mysterious silhouette but the waves pushed me back.

Luckily, whoever the silhouette belonged to had the sense to try and swim towards my boat.

"Who are you?" I asked.

The lightning flashed and for a moment, I could see who the silhouette belonged to.

The person who had been struggling in the water wasn't even a person. It was a tiger, one of the animals that my papa had been shipping to YouTube.

"No! Shoo!" I cried. I tried to splash water on the tiger and shoo it away, but it growled and roared loudly, scaring me and making me fall on my back.

I rummaged around the life boat and managed to find a pair of oars. Using them, I tried to paddle away from the tiger.

I am unaware of how I managed it, but after being tossed around by the waves for an unknown amount of time, the sky cleared. It was morning. And I was surrounded by an expanse of ocean, all alone.


Dear Diary,

It has officially been three days since I was set adrift on the ocean. I don't know if I can make it any longer.

The rations on the boat are running out, and with an animal on board, I don't know how we're going to get by.

Working on my father's animal farm, I thought I understood animals. How wrong I was.

I tended to the zebra's injury best as I could, but I don't know how much longer it will last.

I don't want to grieve all day about this predicament that I'm in. Now that I've been shipwrecked, my best hope is to drift along and hope for some sort of helicopter to pass by or a ship.

I don't know. I'm at a loss. Can someone please help me?


Dear Diary,

Today, something unexpected happened.

I was merely staring up at the sky, watching the clouds pass by when they came along. It was another life boat.

I looked up and to my surprise, I saw the boat was inhabited by two other animals. A hyena and orang-utan.

At first, I was worried. A hyena wasn't exactly the best animal to have on board. But I believe in God's will. If it just so happened this life boat would drift pass mine, it must be destiny that I take these two animals in.

Using my oar, I pulled their life boat over and they hopped in.

Grabbing as many rations from the other life boat as I could, I dumped them inside my boat.

New rations at last. Perhaps hope is not yet lost.

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