Power (Original Group Story)

Power (Original Group Story)

Olivia has always felt like she was different, and not just because she was abandoned at birth. But everything changes and becomes even more complicated when a mysterious boy, Noah, and his friend comes to her boarding school and immediately singles her and her friend Belle out. Are they really just interested in these girls who act so different from everyone else, or did they pick them for something more?

Chapter 3

The Beginning (for Noah)

I knew it was her as soon as I saw her sitting alone in a corner with a textbook propped open and headphones jammed in her ears. A total outcast.

Her hair was charcoal black and I could see a diamond stud in her nose.

Yep. It was definitely her. I couldn't help cracking a small smile to myself as I headed towards her booth. She had no idea what was coming for her. I saw her turn her head just a tiny bit.

Was she looking at me?

I felt a minuscule jolt in my stomach. What was that for? Maybe I was nervous. I mean, it was my first Recruiting mission though. Don't want to mess that one up.

I stumbled over, walking that awkward way that I am so consciously aware of, with a small limp on one side, hopefully it wasn't too noticeable though. "Hello?" I questioned, then, once again noticing how awkward I probably sounded. She must think that I am just a new guy looking for friends. Do people even do that anymore?

I had no idea. I'd been living in the Society for so long I had almost forgotten what it was like in what us Elementals call the Real World.

"Hi." I heard her stammer. Maybe she was just as nervous at talking to people as I was. "Can I help you?"

"Depends. Is this seat taken?"

"You mean...the one next to mine?" Wow. She was a total outcast.

I tried not to laugh, not thinking that it would be exactly favorable for me to laugh at this new Elemental on my first day trying to recruit her.

I swallowed and said "Yeah."

"No....no its not taken."

I plopped down next to her. "I'm Noah."

"I'm Olivia."

"Pretty name." She blushed. I stared at other parts in the room. I felt out of place here and wasn't sure at all at what I was supposed to say next. I couldn't tell Olivia about why I was here now. There were strict orders that you have to get the Recruitee to gain your trust before you tell them or they might think you're crazy.

I heard footsteps coming up beside me and watched as my best buddy Devin came sauntering up to us.

"Already trying to get a girl, huh Noah?" Now it was my turn to blush. Olivia flashed a shy grin in my direction. "I'm Devin, chica." He stuck out his hand and she shook it.


Damn Devin. Why was he so smooth with people? "Is my buddy annoying you, 'cause I can always drag him somewhere else if you want me to." Devin eyed Olivia as she shook her head no.

A small spurt of relief shot through me. I have no idea what I would've done if she'd said yes.

Devin sidled in next to me and grinned over at the girl. I noticed her eyes for the first time. Gold with black specks. So she was a Nature Elemental. She could control all things living, basically plants and such. I, on the other hand, was an Air Elemental, or Aer, I could bend the air and create tornadoes. Personally, I thought it was absolutely amazing what I could do with the air.

Devin was a Water Elemental, or Aqua.

Elementals generally had specific eye colors according to their Element. Nature was gold or green, Water was blue, Fire was gold with orange or purpley, and Air was usually a combination of two colors, like my eyes are blue and green.

I couldn't help staring at her. She was, in some odd way, beautiful. Her charcoal hair contrasting with the bright eyes and the way that I could see just a tiny bit of red hair sticking out of her roots.

Devin leaned into me as Olivia picked up her textbook again. "Is that the one?" he mouthed.

"One more after her." I mouthed back.

He nodded and we both looked back at her. "So. Do you care to show us around a bit more. We are having bit of trouble finding our dorms." Devin said in a tone of voice that showed that he didn't want to be of any disturbance but was in dire need of assistance. This, of course, was all a lie though. We knew where our dorms were. But if there was any way we were going to find more out about this girl we needed to be with her.

And plus, for some reason Elementals tend to stick together, whether they know they are an Elemental or not. Maybe she had a friend, that is, if she wasn't a total loner which is exactly what she seemed to be.

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