Power (Original Group Story)

Power (Original Group Story)

Olivia has always felt like she was different, and not just because she was abandoned at birth. But everything changes and becomes even more complicated when a mysterious boy, Noah, and his friend comes to her boarding school and immediately singles her and her friend Belle out. Are they really just interested in these girls who act so different from everyone else, or did they pick them for something more?

Chapter 2

The Beginning (Olivia's POV)

"What are you doing?" Belle asked from the doorway of our bedroom.

I froze, chisel and locket in hand. "Nothing," I mutter, putting it away and slipping the locket back over my head.

I wasn't looking at her, but by her tone I could picture her rolling her eyes. "Liv, it's never opened before, its not going to now."

"I know that," I snapped at her, shoving away from my desk.

"Do you?" She said more quiet now, her voice holding new concern.

"Yes," I insisted. "I can hope can't I?"

Belle shrugged, like she wasn't sure hoping was a good idea. Not that she always chose the right thing to do, but still.

After a few awkward beats of silence, she cleared her throat. "So, according to Heather, there's supposed to be two new guys in class tomorrow," she said, a sly grin spreading across her face.

My eyes widened in surprise. "Really? We never get new people."


I smiled, trying not to laugh. "You do realize the slim chances that they'd actually notice us, or rather, not be convinced to call us what everyone else does."

Belle frowned. "I know... still though. Maybe if we get to them first...." she trailed off.

I shook my head. "I'm not going to throw myself at someone that I don't even know, or couldn't even take the time to get to know us for real."

"Well, its not like we have to date them. Friends are cool too," she mumbled as she flopped down onto her bed.

Belle and I have been roommates since two years ago. I've lived here all my life, but that was when Belle first moved here. At first she had been wary of me, because of what the other kids said, but after only a week she was being her ol' pyro self and getting hysterically hyper after eating too much sugar.

I rolled my eyes now at her. "Yeah, 'cause you just want to be their friend," I teased, dodging the pillow she threw at me. "I'm going to the cafe to study, to you want to come?"

Belle raised her eyebrow at me and then laughed. "Do you know me at all?"

I shrugged, but smiled. "It won't be my fault when you fail the test on Wednesday," I told her as I grabbed my bag and headed out the door.

Our school campus is pretty big, but all the classrooms, library, and cafeteria are all smushed together. But it was only about a half mile from the girl and boy dorms to the school area.

"Freak," someone muttered as they bumped past me once I was outside.

Gritting my teeth, I pretended not to notice. If Belle was here, she'd have probably fed them one of her fists. Though it wasn't as effective when a teacher was around. Which was often. I was just glad it wasn't Brit, one of the stupid popular girls that made sure I heard her exact opinion of me. It never seemed to deter her when I told her I didn't give a flying fvck of what she thought.

As I walked through the double doors into the cafe, I searched for an empty table. Popping an orange tic tac into my mouth, I chose a secluded booth on the far edge that wouldn't be noticed easily. Just as I was pulling out my history book and IPod, I saw them.

It was easy to realize they were they new guys, but mostly because of the way they carried themselves. Ms. Finkle, one of the biology teachers, was giving them a tour, and I soon saw I wasn't the only one staring at them. All the girls, even some of the teachers and lunch ladies were goggling at them. The one with light blonde hair was smiling and sharing a laugh with Ms. Finkle, while the taller one with messy hair that fell into his eyes was looking around like he was searching for something.

I quickly put my headphones in and glued my eyes to my book. If he looked at me, which he probably wouldn't, I don't think I could handle it. I was so shocked with myself I couldn't focus at all on what I was supposed to be reading. Never has a guy made me get those stupid butterflies in the pit of my stomach. Sure, I've flirted and been flirted with, but I've never actually wanted someone like this.

Pull yourself together! I yelled at myself internally. You know it's not going to turn into anything, so stop fantasying about it.

Unable to stop myself, I stole a quick glance up. My heart jumped into my throat when I saw he was walking towards my table.

No, no, no! My head was yelling as I tried hiding my face under my bangs. But my heart was silently whispering yes.

"Hello?" A rich, yet silky voice came from across the table.

I froze. I guess I'd been secretly hoping he'd been heading for the courtyard doors right next to me. Nope.

Praying I wouldn't embarrass myself, I slowly looked up at him. "H-Hi," I stammered out, taking out my headphones. "Can I, uh, help you?"

"Depends. Is this seat taken?" He asked.

My eyes widened in surprise. "You mean... the one next to mine?"

The tiniest of smiles tugged at the corner of his lips. "Yeah."

I gulped. "No... no its not taken."

"Good," he said as he slid into the same booth as me. "I'm Noah."

Smiling a bit, I told him, "I'm Olivia."

Ah, boring beginning :L but most 1st chapters are meant to introduce things and characters, so I hope it was sufficient enough to get some of you to be excited for the next chapter :)

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