Power (Original Group Story)

Power (Original Group Story)

Olivia has always felt like she was different, and not just because she was abandoned at birth. But everything changes and becomes even more complicated when a mysterious boy, Noah, and his friend comes to her boarding school and immediately singles her and her friend Belle out. Are they really just interested in these girls who act so different from everyone else, or did they pick them for something more?

Chapter 1



Name: Olivia Taverat
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Personality: Rebellious, sarcastic but not in the mean way, cynical outlook, quiet, perceptive, doesn't trust easily, insecure but hides it around jokes, hopeless romantic, tends to get shy around guys but tries to hide it or quickly walk away.
Appearance: Underneath her charcoal black hair she has red hair, and blonde bangs, around 5'3, honey gold eyes with flecks of black, black diamond nose stud and several ear rings on her right ear.
Species: Nature Elemental, but doesn't know it yet
Background: Has always felt separate and apart from everyone else besides her friend, Belle. Never knew her parents or any other family besides Belle and some of the teachers at the school. All she has is a sapphire stoned locket that she knows was once her mother's but it doesn't open, that she never takes off.


Name: Noah
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Personality: mysterious, tough, loves a good laugh, can b a bit sarcastic, mainly hides his emotions, tries to help people but usually fails
Appearance: Messy brown hair, bright green-blue eyes (green on the outside, blue on the inside), tall (about 6'), muscular, usually wears loose jeans and a t-shirt
Species: Air Elemental
Background: Parents were killed by another species in a battle, his only other relative alive is his younger brother but he never sees him, closest thing to family that he has since he doesn't c his brother is his friend, Devin. As a kid he was very mischievous and always got into trouble. He didn't understand why he was what he was and wanted to b human. He isn't so sure about that now.

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