Don't Play Jokes, Little Child

This is for the Quibblo Writing Contest #29. It's based around the idea of 'It was just a harmless Halloween prank.' I hope mine is to standards of true fear.

Chapter 1

Don't Play Jokes, Little Child

by: BB_TDG
This was definitely not my idea of a good time.

"Dare!" I told Kara.

It was midnight on Halloween and we were playing truth or dare. I hated truths, people always tried to discover my secrets, so I always chose dare.

She looked around the group and said the words that started it all; "Do the Bloody Mary dare! Or are you chicken?"

I couldn't believe her. I hadn't even reacted to the dare and she was already calling me names. I laughed anyway. My cousin did that dare a few months ago and she was still alive and happy. With her eyes.

I stood up. "Fine. Where's the bathroom?"

She stared at me. "Why? I have a mirror right here."

I rolled my eyes. "Kara, Kara, Kara, you sweet, innocent child. You can't do a dare without doing it properly. I have to do it in the bathroom mirror with the lights off. Duh!"

"It's just down the hall. The one with the spider on it. Don't worry, it's just paper!" Marissa said, seeing my sarcastic look.

I nodded and headed down there. I opened the door and went in. I checked the room to make sure no-one was in there. Then I closed the door, turned off the light and looked into the mirror.

"Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary. There, done."

I turned on the light and opened the door. I left and walked back over to the group.

"Did you do it?" asked Amy. I nodded. "Three times?"

I sighed and rolled my eyes. "Yes, I'm not stupid."

I blinked and then stared straight forward for as long as I could without blinking. I had a plan to freak them out. "Don't... play... jokes... little... child.." I muttered. I was good at freaking people out. I was also amazing at keeping a straight face while I did.

I decided to blink once. Then three times really quick. "I shouldn't have done that..." I croaked. I was amazing with fake tears.

Everyone in the group was staring at me, but I wasn't distracted. "Iz? Iz, are you ok?" Kara nervously asked.

I stared at her for a long minute and let a tear drip slowly down my face. "Who's Iz? Is it this girl?" I said, gesturing to myself. "My name is Mary. Why are you calling me Iz? She's not in here anymore."

Marissa and Amy gasped, but Kara laughed. "Iz, stop joking on us, it's creepy."

I laughed quickly and quietly, then suddenly stopped. I wasn't joking anymore, my eyes began to itch. Honestly, I can't fake that. Then I felt a choke escape my throat. "What's happening? It was just a joke!" I said in my own voice.

Then my eyes started to burn. I felt a voice that wasn't my own creeping up my throat. I could hear choked words forming, but I tried to stop them.

I closed my eyes and rubbed them. "Izzy, Izzy, Izzy. Why are you pretending to be me? You know you can't even attempt it. You don't even know me. Now, back to business, aren't your eyes itchy, aren't they burning? Would you like me to stop that for you? All it takes is a little scratch. It's just a pinch, it won't hurt much."

I started choking and my eyes started dripping, but it wasn't tears. I touched where it was dripping and looked at my fingers. Blood. My eyes were bleeding. They were burning and bleeding.

Then it stopped. It stopped burning. It stopped bleeding. I started to laugh. I stared at my "friends" and they screamed.

My eyes must have been liquefied. I could still see, but not very well, and everything was red and blurry. I giggled hysterically.

Then I watched happily as they began to scream, as their eyes bled and liquefied, as they crumpled to the ground, as their bodies went limp and as I watched their deaths before my eyes.

I was dead too, then. It happened about five years ago. Now I live in the mirrors. Mary has been teaching me how to follow the rules, using the small glass vial of blood to practise with, because I'm her only friend. But I don't need to know the rules. As soon as she's gone, I take over.

I watch her stare at my evil stare. She begins to cry blood and I see fire in her eyes. Dying when you're already dead must be even worse than normal. But I'd never experience that.

I'm never going to have any more friends. Mary did and now look what her friend did to her.

From now on, the rules are going to change. Now Mary's dead, her own magic trick performed on herself, the rules change. Children playing "Bloody Mary" won't say that anymore. They'll say my name instead. Go on, did I just hear you say that? Yes, I think I did.

Bloody Izzy. Bloody Izzy. Bloody Izzy.

Bye, bye.


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