An Unsolved Halloween Mystery

for wc24
just a try because I didn't use quibblo for month i guess and i wanted to write a story so i entered.
wouldnt be so good. coz halloween isn't in our customs and we donot celebrate it.
the theme is a bit copied from vampire diaries!
BUT PLEASE I BEG, everyone rate and comment.

Chapter 1

Something tells me that's not ketchup!

''Ah!'', A needle pricked my finger, and drops of blood dripped down. Forgetting whole pain, I backed out. ''No no not the blood''. It seemed as if blood would eat me alive, finish my remaining dreadful life. To resist the sight, I grabbed anything I could get, and a knife came in hand. More terrible! I threw it into air and began to run, run far, out of the house and into the woods. ''Why is everyone trying to kill me? I'm not a murderer!'' . And under the tree I sat, giving the the ground a shower of sparkly heavy tears. I looked up and gazed at moon. It had some magic, I presumed. It could give calmness, it felt as if I could talk to it. There was nobody to listen to me, except this part of magical nature.

I closed my eyes, inhaling and exhaling. Images began to appear in my mind, a torrent of memories invaded my head. The ones I tried to escape, always sparks in my mind with more power than mine. Suddenly I was senseless, and I lie there alone in the woods while the memories of murderous Halloween came in view. In my mind, I went down, down, down and into the Halloween night scene..........

'' Miranda! Miranda! We need you here please. '', My friends called me and I rushed to them in a too-much-busy-person way. It was a perfect Halloween-y night. All eighth, ninth and tenth graders were in school gym with their specific Halloween pranks all set up. It was a contest that whose prank would be most realistic and scary would win. Since that announcement reached my ears, I gathered my partners and set to work. I had to win the contest no matter what. Winning is what I always seek, so i tried to make my prank as realistic as possible, ( but nobody knew who made it way too real!).

My prank was simple but scary, I wouldn't tell anybody that it's a prank. I would set a crate, more like a coffin and paste a poster on it saying, ''HALLOWEEN CHOCOLATES FOR FREE'' . It would look like a tiny Halloween treat which people would surely want. They would open the coffin and inside would find a corpse covered with blood with a knife in its chest. Ketchup would be blood, and knife would be fake, but the volunteer would be real. Our maths teacher, Mr.Mathews, had willingly volunteered for the corpse. My partners were my friends Sara and Hilary.

'' Yes girls, what happened now?''. I asked them. Mr Mathew was sitting up and girls were panicked. ''Omigod Why was Mr.Mathew sitting up? Somebody would see him'' . Sara related problem that was a minor one, '' We've lost our fake knife! How would our prank work now!? '' I thought they would blast any moment with such worries in their heads. Seriously, one bad habit about my pals, they used to worry a lot. I asked them not to to worry, went to my backpack and pullet out another knife, I kept backup. So now you see, I really wanted to win this contest.

I settled the knife into Mr.Mathew's chest, closed the coffin and wandered off to entrance where Jack was waiting for me. He said he needed to tell me something. Jack and I had been friends since childhood, I mean best friends. We had spent every Halloween together, from trick-or-treating to rocking parties and now, the contests too. I wondered what did he want to tell me. Curiosity had always killed me. '' Jack, you wanted to tell me something. So ok I cant wait anymore ''. Jack turned around, his dark cloak whirled and his make-up looked awesome. He disguised as a vampire. It made him look so handsome. Oh so sorry I didn't tell what I was, I disguised as a witch, so did Sara and Hilary.
'' Uh yea, that thing. Let's just stand aside from the crowd. Yes ok. So do you want to have a walk in garden or just stand here while I tell you? You know, make the surprise more......surprising! Just to make......''

'' Just speak up! '', Something told me that he was nervous. Of course he was uncomfortable. What was that he wanted to tell me?

'' Miranda, you've been my closest friend since childhood. You have always taken my side in times of worry, yet your naughtiness sometimes brought problems to me but I didn't feel a bit bad, actually I like them. I like to be with you. I..I....''

But he couldn't complete his sentence because of loud noises that came from inside the gym. We went to check and saw everybody hurdled around our coffin. I pushed everybody aside and jerked in. There I saw Sara and Hilary tear strained, horrified faces, and their gaze ''NO NO NO OH NO, THAT COULDN'T BE''. Mr. Mathew lied there in coffin as if he wasn't breathing. Of course that was a prank and he had to act like that, but there was something different. Something...realistic. I took a vial out of my hidden pocket and filled it with ketchup that was stuck to his clothes. Examined that ketchup, ''Something tells me that's not ketchup'' .

My eyes grew wider and wider as I looked at Sara, she cried even harder. Somebody took the fake knife out of his chest and observed it. '' Real Knife used in a Halloween prank! '',He cried out. The girls stared at me as if it was all my fault, as if I was a murderer!

'' Hey, I am not the culprit, I gave you girls the fake knife and you all know that. Why would I murder somebody? ''

But nobody even bothered to hear my words. My hands shook and small glass vial of ''blood'' broke to the ground.

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