Halloween Night

This is a story for quibblo's halloween contest. Hope you all enjoy!

Chapter 1

Eggs, Two Witches, and a Haunted House.

It all started as a harmless prank, five teenagers from maple circle would egg Mr. himpleson's house. No one had seen him in 10 years rumors had spread he had become something truly awful, but none of them had believed a word of it.

"Ugh are we there yet, I just wan to get it over with!" Jordan complained

"I'm going as fast as I can my dad said if I get another ticket I'll be grounded for the rest of the year." said Luke

"Look we are here." said Ben

"Let's just go this place gives me the creeps." Helen said, goosebumps covering her.

"No we don't want to look like a bunch of chickens." Jason replied

Everyone got our of Luke's car and stepped out on to the cold, wet grass fresh with dew. Before them stood a ratty old house that looked like it could collapse at any moment.

"I'll go get he eggs!" said Ben eagerly

Luke stepped forward onto the porch and saw something strange, a little glowing light through the crack in the door.

"Hey guys come check this out!" he said with a tinge of confusion in his voice

As soon as everyone had stepped onto the porch, they all dropped and everything went black.

Helen was the first to wake in the cold, darkness of old man Himpleson's basement,

"Where are we and why does my head hurt so much?" she said

The other four slowly woke up groaning and moaning at the searing pain now flowing through them. None of them knew how to get out or if they would survive. Suddenly Jordan's hands started glowing

"What.. What's happening!" she said in a panicky voice

"Today's your 16th birthday right?" Helen questioned

"Ya so" she spat out, still shaky from the shock

"You are a witch, just like me" said Helen, almost boasting


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