Hallow's eve

Hallow's eve

Danni never thought she'd see her sister again. After all, Bella had been dead for two years, dying in the car crash that took their parent's lives as well. Danni was grief stricken, leaning heavily on her boyfriend- Alexander. But this Halloween Danni's life will be changed forever...........


Chapter 3

begin again (you must read, thinking as if you were in love, like you found your perfect match)

Pain tears through my body. I feel the fire in my blood....
My feeling is back. It HURTS!
Alexander's hand on my arm, the cold touch in a fire. He stayed... he didn't leave me to the flames.
"Take my hand! Danni!"
I grab his hand, and he pulls me out of the flames.
My skin is black and blistered... I pass out, the pain too much.


I moan. My body throbs with a pain I didn't even knew existed. It is new and it is scary...
"Danni? Can you hear me?"
I turn my head. Alexander's face is right there and he looks worried. It takes me a minute to remember what happened. I was in a fire. I tried to die...
I smile sadly, closing my eyes. The cold air burns. "I'm sorry. I wasn't me... forgive me..."
"Danni, we can't stay here."
"Go without me. I can't blend in anymore."
He touches my face softly. "My love, you aren't burned anymore. Come on, the hunters are coming. Please, trust me. Please?"
I let him help me sit up. His eyes are light.
"They hunt vampires."
I can't finish my sentance. I wish I would've listened to the feeling in my stomach. I blamed it on my fear that Alexander was gonna leave me.

His chest exsploades. I scream, painicing.

I'm soaked in his blood.

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