Hallow's eve

Hallow's eve

Danni never thought she'd see her sister again. After all, Bella had been dead for two years, dying in the car crash that took their parent's lives as well. Danni was grief stricken, leaning heavily on her boyfriend- Alexander. But this Halloween Danni's life will be changed forever...........


Chapter 1

Hallow's Eve...

It all started as just a harmless Halloween prank... nobody was meant to be hurt... not me, not Alexander, or the rest of the group. Madison never meant to hurt me like this...

Let me start at the beginning of the night, yes?

I look at Alexander again, blushing in my dark angel costume. He's a "demon",
but he's not wearing a mask.

"Are you ready to go to the haunted house?" He asks, grey eyes flashing.

"I guess..."

"Oh, perk up. Hallow's Eve is your favorite time of year."

"No it isn't. Bell and my parents died two years ago today! How can I be joyful?" I snap- not really meaning to. I turn red. "I'm so sorry, Alexander! I d-"

"-on't care. I understand why you don't want to celebrate. But you have to move on- we have to move on my love." He pulls me into a kiss, and I close my blue eyes and he runs his hands through my black hair. I smile, and mess his blonde hair.

"It's just hard. But I will come with you."

He smiles. "I knew you would. Daniel and Destiny will be there. And Madison. Chris. You-"

"Don't like three of them. Ugh, why to I date you?" I joke, kissing his cheek.

After a ride on his motorcycle, we meet the group outside an abandon building. Destiny and Daniel run in first, and then Maddi and Chris. Alexander smiles at me, and I take his hand.

He hands me a small charm. It looks like a small vile of...


"Put this in your pocket."


"...Good luck, I guess."

I slip the vile into my pocket, afraid to ask about it. What would he say, anyway? He'd never do anything to harm me. Never... not meaning to. I don't even ponder what he would say. I don't want to- I'm afraid to.

He lead me through the halls, shattered glass everywhere. Every window is covered in soot and dust, or shattered. Sometimes both, and there's a rotten smell in the air, like something has been rotting. Lots of somethings I assume. It smells that way.

Alexander walks me to the second floor, and I sigh. "This is definitely not my idea of a good time."

"I... There's something wrong. They should be here..."

"Who?" I question, pulling away.

"We were trying to scare you, to get you back in the scary spirit. You were the best scare ever- you got everyone. But... They aren't here. Something went wrong."

"What were you planning on scaring me with?"

"Some wild dog- he's safe I swear- and creepy costumes. They were supposed to chase you. I'd be beside you..."

"Is that them?" I ask, pointing to a shattered window. There's blue eyes watching me.

"Maddi, enough. I told Danni everything. Come out."

The person grunts.

"Guys, jokes over. Danielle knows."

The person groans once more. Alexander stands protectively in front of me.

"Madison, enough. Destiny, Daniel, Chris, come out."

There's a piercing scream, and then a body is thrown across the floor. It's Madison...

I scream. Alexander grabs me, shielding me. Madison is definitely dead, her head nearly severed. I sob into his chest, fearing for my life, for Alexander, for Madison, and for the rest of the group that I don't see. There is blood everywhere.... everywhere...

"We have to get out of here." Alexander says. "We'll go for help."

"Did that dog get loose?"

"Did it look like a dog could to that to a person? No, Danni. It wasn't." He rushes me to the stairs. "I have no idea what I dragged you into!"

"Alexander," I gasp, freezing. He keeps tugging on me. "We have to find everyone else."

"I have to get you safe. You are my priority. I have you with me, I have to get you safe. I made that promise to your dad- I'd protect you always."

"I won't leave without them," I say, pulling back. "My promise was to keep the ones I love safe. I have to keep my friends safe."

He takes a deep breath. "Okay...."

I turn, and a choked cry escapes me.

Bella is standing there, covered in blood. My big sister, the reason I am who I am. She is here,,, and I don't think she's okay.

"Bell?" I whisper. Alexander grabs me.

"Danni, that isn't Bella. Not anymore. Let me get you free. Give her- give it the vile of blood, so we can get free."

"What do you mean, 'It's not Bella, not anymore'?" I snap. "It's Bella!"

"Danielle," He says, giving my sister a rather large vile. "Bells is a vampire. She isn't who she used to be. She can't feel love."

"Yes I can," Bell says. Her voice is colder than I remember. "I loved you. I love my parents- who are dead. I love Danielle. She is my baby sister."


"I am dead."

"Bell, don't! Danni can't-"

"And so is Alexander."

I look at Alexander. His teeth are sharp.

I scream.

"Danni, I bit him. I didn't know he was protecting you." Bella says. Her voice is full of honesty. Her eyes tear. "But now you're alone..."

"What do you want?" I snap, anger surging through me. "/TWO YEARS/ I grieved for you. And then you turn my boyfriend into a creep, you kill my friend-"

"Friends. They are all dead."

I choke. "I-I-I am leaving."

Bella goes to grab me, but I run. I run like the world is on fire. I run like it can fix everything. I run like Destiny and the gang are waiting for me outside and they can tell me I'm dreaming.

"Bella don't!! Let Danni go!"

But I feel icey hands on my arms. Hot breath on my neck. A familiar scent- lavender and caramel, mixing with my scent of roses and chocolate. A cruel laugh.

"Maybe Alex was right. Maybe I can't love..."

A painful bite, teeth tearing into my flesh. Alexander's yelling. Blood dripping down my front.

....a terrified, pained scream is the last living noise that I make. The next would be the noise of an undead vampire sobbing into Alexander's chest, over the body of my really dead sister.

...and I'm hungry...

Happy Halloween... and watch out. Alexander can't keep me away from blood for long...

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