I Just Want to Kill Myself (Not About Me!!!)

Chapter 1

I Don't Follow The Rules of Life

I took my backpack and loaded it up with junk food, and soda, instead of school supplies. I ate 3 donuts on the way to school and drank a bottle of soda. "That's my breakfast." I ran to school. I looked back behind me, and people were with other people and I was by myself.

My name is Priscilla Beating, doesn't fit me at all. I hate it. I like being called Rikie.

My best friend ran up to me, "Rikie!" She shouted. Her name is Oriana, or Ori. "Ori, Wanna donut?" She stared at it. "What flavor is it?" She asked. "Red Velvet, I chose them because it is the color of blood." I showed Ori the donut. She took a bite, "These are good!" She smiled. My Dark black hair covered one of my eyes, I really didn't want to see anyone, I wish I wasn't anything either. Why can't I be dead. "So I'll see you later." I went away from her, I wanted to be alone then.

I walked inside the school building, I already thought High school sucked. But it was worse. Everyone had a group. No one noticed me in my dark red and black outfit. I blended in as a no one. One person looked at me, in her flower power leggings. It was my twin sister, Megan. "Hey Sis! It doesn't matter who you are, it matters what you are! And I don't know WHAT THE HECK you are. So that's why you only have 1 friend." Megan took my chin and smirked in my face them pushed my head up and bumped it on the locker behind me.

I went into class all eyes were on me, I went to the bathroom Every time it was attendance. No one knew who Priscilla Beating was, Because she WAS NO ONE. There is a Rikie Beating, but No Priscilla, that name means nothing to me.

When lunch came I went into the bathroom and climbed out the window. No one cared, no one noticed. Just a high school girl playing hooky with 20 donuts in her backpack. I went into a drug store and stayed there for two hours. Then I went back home. "Prissy," my mom asked. I punched her in the arm. "Mom, DON'T CALL ME THAT." I walked away from her. I went upstairs and played my favorite song, Death & Soul.

Ori sent me 18 text messages I ignored all of them. She wasn't an outcast, so why did she ever want to hang out with me? I decided to take a rope and rap it on a thumbtack to my ceiling. I duck taped part of it so that it was tight on my neck so tight I would die, because that's all I've ever wanted.

I finished putting up the rope so I put my head through part of it, I tightened it and waited 10 minutes and then I began to stop.....

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