The Letter of Memories ~ An Original Group Story

Jewel Marks
Kelly Marks
Taylor Avon
Alexis Maysha

Chapter 1

Jewel Marks: The Letter I Have Been Waiting For

It was the summer of 1984, I woke up from my bed and looked at my clock. 9:53. Mail doesn't come until 1:00. How was I going to wait 3 hours for the mail? Mail from Amanda, my Pen Pal. We met in Yosemite National Park exactly 8 months ago, which is why I needed this mail TODAY. Amanda lived in England, I lived in Long Island, New York City. "JEWEL!!!!!" My annoying little sister, Kelly ran up the stairs into my room. I pretended to be asleep. "Yesterday you got mail! But I decided to give it to you today!!!!" Kelly stuck her tongue out. "GIVE ME THAT!!!!" I jumped up and I snatched the letter from her. I opened the letter,

"Dear, Jewel. My grandmother lives in New Jersey, and she is not feeling to well. So my mom and me are coming to America. Since you live close by, I will be staying with you instead for 2 1/2 weeks. I cannot wait to see you! It'll be the best time of our lives. Our parents will be so fond of each other, trust me. And if my grandmother gets too bad, I might move to NJ. I Will Be Leaving on August 5th, so see you then!!

My eyes widened."MOM!!!! MOM!!!!!! MOM!!!!" I jumped up and down like a 6 year old. "Yes, Jewel." She smiled. "Amanda is coming here in 9 days!!! August 5th!!!" I hugged my mom, I was the happiest person in the world. "Pen Pal Amanda?" She asked with her jaw dropped. "Yes! Yes! Her!" I squeezed my mom so tight she pushed me away. "That's great! And Jewel, your 13 years old. Stop acting like your 5." My mom looked me in the eye. I nodded.

"I need to tell Taylor and Alexis!" I ran out my door. I knocked on Taylor's door 15 times. "Jewel what do you-" "AMANDA IS COMING TO AMERICA!!!" I shouted. My black glasses, with silver ovals on the top corners fell off my nose. "Really? That's Awesome!" Taylor smiled. Alexis was looking out her window, "What? What?" She asked. She ran outside. "Amanda is coming to America!" Taylor smiled. "Yay! I really want to meet her!" Alexis hugged me.

I ran back in my house. Alexis and Taylor were talking amongst themselves. I wrote a letter to Amanda:

"Dear, Amanda. I am SO happy you are coming to America! Remember Taylor and Alexis? You are going to love them. Just warning you about Kelly. And I can't wait to actually talk to you instead of waiting 2 weeks to just send 1 sentence to you. Yayyy!!!!
~ Jewel"

I sealed the letter in an envelope and held it against my heart. I went outside and dropped put it in the mailbox. I smiled and went back inside. Looking back at the mailbox, hoping for exactly what I wanted.

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