It all started as just a harmless Halloween prank...

This is a parody. I don't expect to win, this is just a satire of pretty much all bad horror stories. If I win, great, I win. But this is meant, in a way, as a "don't do this in your story" kind of thing. I hope you enjoy.

Sorry if I offend anyone :D

Chapter 1

"This is definitely not my idea of a good time!", screamed Random shrieking teenager as she held a small glass vial of blood.

Once apon a time, in a town, in a distant future, on Friday the 13th, during a solar eclipse, when all the planets are aligned, and there's a thunder storm, and it's Halloween night, there was a group of friends acting like they own the neighborhood. Since this is a classic scary story, you're expecting them to die, right?


You see, we don't care about them, not yet at least. For this is a cliche "Very long and boring introduction sequence." So, without further ado, a small Halloween shop that I will go no further in describing except for the occasional "it's so creepy."

This Halloween shop that is so creepy, belonged to a creepy old man who was also so creepy. The old, creepy man had collection of spiders, scary masks, and broomsticks, that I will describe in full detail, though they have nothing to do with the story.

The brooms were very old and worn, the spiders were......spiders, and the masks were so creepy (almost as much as the old man and the shop, but not nearly as much).

The old man's most prized possession, however, is a magical rock that turns people into monsters when introduced to the victim's own blood. Of course, nobody else expects this old man to be a threat, and his profits are practically endless.

So, the snotty group of children. They came to the shop to get Halloween stuff. The group consisted of:

-Snotty teenager

-Shy "tween"

-Random shrieking teenager

And finally,

-Hipster teenager

Now that you've met all four, I'm going to admit to you that only one of them dies in this chapter, and it's not the snotty one unfortunately. Since, I'm nice and want to spare you some useless crappy information that doesn't effect the story whatsoever, I will take you to the good part.

As the group comes up to the shop, Hipster teenager says, "Please, a Halloween shop that only opens on Halloween? That's so mainstream, I'm getting out of here!" And with that, he left (we will never see him again).

"Let's shove [Shy "tween"] into the shop guys!", suggested Snotty teenager. Random shrieking teenager agreed and they shoved Shy "tween" into the shop.

Shy "tween" walked around, gazing at the shop (that was so creepy). She soon came across the old man (that was so creepy). The man took a knife and stabbed Shy "tween" several times. He extracted the blood, and used the magical rock to make Shy "tween" (who will now be known as Monster) a monster.

Monster attacked the old man, but he got away on a flying broomstick. Monster became angry, and went on a rampage.

Snotty teenager and Random shrieking teenager became impatient and walked into the shop. They walked around until they came across a small glass vial of blood.

"This is definitely not my idea of a good time!", screamed Random shrieking teenager as she held a small glass vial of blood.

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