How to Make More Quibblonian Friends!

In celebration of passing the 600 friends mark, I thought I'd make this! ^-^ I'll reward you guys with something new every time I hit a hundred mark, so be on the lookout for those!

Chapter 1

Please read intro. Thanks!

1. Be nice!

I strongly suggest being a kind, supportive leader in the Quibblo community! Not only does it make others feel wonderful, it makes you feel amazing as well! You'll have more friends and more people will like being your friend! Some simple ways to do good are:

- Comment on people's profile telling them to have a nice day or complimenting their profile/background picture(s)

- Congratulate people for being fm or having a featured poll

- Message people often

2. Make EVERYONE feel special!

This is a particularly hard thing to do, especially once you start to gain more and more friends. But, I happen to know that you'll be more successful in KEEPING your friends if you actually care about them. Be sure to try to talk to as many of your friends as you can. Try to respond soon and not procrastinate. I know that it's hard keeping up with all of those messages (trust me, I've had first-hand experience) but it's worth it when you get to make friends that are as close as family.

3. FR the FM!

One of my tips to achieving wonderful, helpful Quibblonian friends is to friend the featured members! Obviously, the featured members aren't randomly selected, so you have a better chance of finding good, strong members in Quibblo's community!


I'm sorry if that came off as pushy! But, as you can see, I have noticed that most of the people to reach the 1,000+ friends mark don't use text-talk. The occasional "LOL" or "IKR" or any form of that is fine, but not using text-talk too often will improve your chances of being a better Quibblonian. I prefer talking to someone that at least TRIES to punctuate, capitalize, spell, etc. correctly than people who don't. So, though I'm not forcing you to do anything, I highly suggest at least attempting at normal, old-fashioned typing.

5. Make stuff!

Those with friends who actually read their things and take their quizzes/polls/surveys/etc. usually have higher quality creations than those who make things with low-quality work. I highly suggest going through your creations multiple times to comb through the errors. This way, you're more likely to get more views and good ratings.

6. Rate, read, and comment!

As a Quibblonian, I think that it is VERY important to read/take, rate, and comment on the creations of my friends and others. Chances are, if you do it, karma will bring others to help you as well. People always ask, "What do I do to get more views on my creations?" Well, aside from attempting to make high-quality things, you could try helping others out and they'll probably help you, too. You could also ask people what appeals to them and make something off of the responses you get, but let's not get side-tracked. I know that I definitely appreciate any rating and comment that I receive on my stories no matter how small.

I strongly suggest leaving constructive criticism if you decide to comment on anything. Please don't be rude as that can lead to some anger and arguments, but be sure to try and help improve the story. Comments such as, "this sucks" and "you stink" aren't going to help. Leave thought-out, helpful hints and ideas to help improve the quiz/story/poll/etc. Again, chances are, people will do the same for you.

7. Write a story reviews!

Are you an avid reader like me? Well, start a story reviews! Not only does it expose you to a wide variety of stories, it also helps other authors know how they're doing with their work and what improvements they could make. Don't like vampire novels? Just list that in the first chapter and read all of the other submissions! Absolutely adore sci-fi? Specify that, and you'll find brilliant stories all over! It's a great opportunity to read and learn from other great authors!

If you're not that much of a reader, be the first to start a poll review! Or maybe a survey review! Why not a quiz review? The possibilities are limitless if you put your mind to it!

8. Friend your top friends' top friends!

Hopefully, that didn't sound too confusing. Basically, you know your own tastes, likes, dislikes, etc. correct? (I would hope so!) Well, you obviously placed your top friends in your list for a reason! If you trust them and love them so much, why not check out THEIR top friends? And the friends of their top friends? Pretty soon, you'll have one big top friends family, and you'll hopefully be satisfied with the results!

9. Don't spam!

Okay, I'll admit that I love spamming, but I don't spam inboxes unless I have permission. Or the person started a spamming war, but even then, I spam him/her ONLY. If you send hundreds of invites on the SAME THING every single day, people will probably get annoyed. Think that it might help you get more reads/views? Actually, statistics (well, my own personal observation, at least) show that people will actually get annoyed and/or irritated and ignore it out of stubbornness and anger. Therefor, I suggest limiting the amount of invites you send out on the same creation. For example, I only send out an invite when I update a creation of mine. It tends to help. If you send millions of invites, it will probably only get you farther away from popularity.

10. Please don't do 'please read's!

I know that this is kind of off-topic, but 'Please Read's drive me absolutely INSANE. Every time I see those, I assume the worst. I know that I'm not the only one. So please, please, PLEASE don't do forty of those every day! People will probably unfriend you and not believe you when you actually need them to read it. It's like the boy who cried wolf. If you usually avoid please reads, people will probably listen to you when you ask them to read it. This WILL help you gain more friends, because your friends won't be able to say, "Don't friend him/her! They always spam us with 'please read's!" If I heard that, I probably wouldn't friend that person. So, you should probably avoid those.

Okay, so this concludes my tips on how to make more friends! I hope that you all enjoyed, and remember, please rate, comment, and/or favorite! It might just help you, too! ;)

~ Lexi :)


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