A spin on the classic 'tail' The Little Mermaid.
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Chapter 1


Misconception is a fault of imagination, something in which man is abundant. Theory is encouraged on land. Knowledge is craved shamelessly. It is not like that here.
They have a name for us. Mermaids.
The name is not the misconception. The misconception is that we are maidens of the sea, when in reality, the sea is of us.
Our chorus produces the oceans. Our melodies birth the raging waters.
We have no blood, only brine. The saline is in our hearts both literally and metaphorically. It is our vocation.
My ballads are the purest in the kingdom, this makes me the Siren. For this, I will one day be queen. But I have a secret. . .
The chants they praise, the verses they glorify? They are fueled by the forbidden. I dream and I crave, I lust for the human world.
My name is Ariel. That is my song. And this is my story.


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