Behind What You See

Behind What You See

Ally Campton has been bullied through every year of high school so far. She didn’t even think it was possible to go near her school without being hurt in some way. But after moving twice with her mother, she finally thought it was over.
But when her troubles followed her, she didn’t think she was strong enough to stand up for herself. At least not on her own.

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Chapter 3

Nowhere's Ville, Colorado

The rest of the week passed exactly like my first day. I went unnoticed by everyone, including the teachers.

I was just glad to get through it.

But my week at school was practically a distance memory by the weekend.

Hello Ally, having fun in Nowhere’s Ville, Colorado? I’m sure you are. I bet you fit in perfectly there, seeing as your social life is nowhere to be found. Tell all your imaginary friends I said hi!

This message came from Holly again, but it was only the first I received that day. There were plenty more just like it on my Twitter account, sent by the rest of my old class.

I was ready to throw my laptop out of my bedroom window. They all seemed so immature when they sent me stuff online, but what they were trying to tell me with every message was as clear as day. You’re not getting away from us that easily!

I didn’t know what to do about the messages. But I was pretty sure that my classmates knew that I was online recently, I had been chatting with some of my friends from Florida the night before.

I did know for sure, was that they weren’t going to stop until they got a reaction out of me. Whether that was me deleting all my accounts, or just blocking all messages from them.

I decided to just ignore all of them. I wasn’t about to give any of them the satisfaction of knowing they were still making me feel like their worthless toy.


After a long weekend, I was almost glad to go to school. Maybe Pre-Calculus would take my mind off of my troubles for a short time.

As soon as I got on the bus, I popped in my ear buds and started listening to “Home” by Michael Bublè. I closed my eyes, leaned against the window, and just listened. While I might be living in Colorado, my heart was still in Florida, and that’s where I went as soon as I put this song on. Back in the house where I was born, where all my real friends still lived, and where my father died.

The song was about to repeat again for the 3rd time, when the bus halted at the next stop. As the driver opened the door, I heard some people calling out a name. I opened my eyes for just a second to see who they were talking to.

Boarding the bus was a girl I hadn't remembered seeing at school before. I realized that most of the people on the bus were calling out her name, and some were giving her waves or high fives as she passed them on her way to her seat. She was a little bit shorter than average, and had blonde hair that was pulled back into a pony-tail.

I was finally able to catch that her name was Vanessa, and from the way people were saying that they missed her, I was able to gather that she had recently been away –possibly on vacation.

She smiled at me as she passed my row.

I probably seemed pretty rude, but I just pretend like I hadn’t seen her. Whenever someone smiled at me like that, I got the feeling that it was a smile of pity. Like they were only doing it because as soon as they saw me, they were all immediately thinking the same thing. Aww, poor Ally, she probably has a horrible life.

But they could think whatever they wanted to think. None of them knew me.

After Vanessa passed me, I unlocked my iPod and change the song to “Titanium” by David Guetta.

You shoot me down, but I won’t fall.

Throughout the day, I kept seeing Vanessa in a lot of my classes. She walked into every class with a smile on her face, greeted every teacher, and said hi to tons of people. It seemed like she knew the whole school, and the whole school knew her.

She seemed like a nice person, but I couldn’t tell if her personality was superficial or not.

Later that day, I was stopped on my way out of the school after hearing my name being called.

“Ally!” someone called again.

I looked around behind me, and finally spotted Mrs. Ryan heading my way.

She met me at the doors, “Hello dear. How do you like the school?”

“It’s been good so far,” I replied.

“That’s wonderful!” she said enthusiastically. Her phone suddenly chimed a few short notes.

She quickly read the text she received. “I’m sorry to keep doing this to you Ally, but I need to go attend to something.”

“It’s fine, no problem.”

She quickly hurried down the hallway and out of sight.

That woman is always on the move, I thought.

I then left the school and headed for the buses.

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