Words you need to stop misspelling.

Words you need to stop misspelling.

Look, I've been on quibblo long enough to realize that their are many words that are misspelled (and words used in the wrong context and grammar errors and so on) all over quizzes and stories. I made this story to deal with at least some of them. Enjoy.

Chapter 1

You're never going to believe this.

Welcome to the first grade, class! Today I'm going to show you the difference between "Your" and "You're"!

Seriously, I'm doing this.

You're is an contraction of the two words you and are. In a nutshell, saying you're is the same as saying you are.

Here's an example: You're going to play the saxophone in the play.

Your is possessive, meaning "your waffles" are waffles that belong to you.

Here's an example: Are those your mittens?

Please remember that these are two different words, not to be confused with each other. While I'm at it, you're needs to have an apostrophe. Otherwise, I'm going to bash a piano over your skull. Got it?

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