Acme Awards Polls (Important Mail, Link Added,Votes are closed.)

Acme Awards polls. Please share this link with everyone on Quibblo

Chapter 1

Acme Awards Polls

Ladies and Gentlemen, if you haven't been on Quibblo's profile. please make an attempt to find the link that's on his profile so you don't have a hard time finding the polls you can cast your votes. We are looking for at least 500 votes or more for each polls. And please make sure you take a look at the works (If you haven't already) before you make you vote. We want them to be voted fairly. All the votes will be collected by the 18th of November. And if you are not a friend of me or any of the Acme Awards Volunteers yet. Make an attempt to send friend requests to them so that way everyone can see the Acme Awards. Take care and happy voting.

Here is the link if you can't find it on quibblo. Make sure everyone has a chance to vote before the 18th of November

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