Let's go..!

Just some lyrics or a poem or something.

Chapter 1


by: Xactaeon
I can't really tell if it's me or gravity pulling me away from what I'm tryna say.

All I know is that you're my cure, the only one thing that makes me pure.

Death's on the clock, and hell's about to rock, changing me slowly, day-by-day.

Can't keep from going insane, since everybody hasn't really any brains.

I feel like the only one with a clue,so sorry that I had to leave you.

But if things don't change, I'mma turn it all up and make you your mind a grenade.

So cherish the times that'll blow your your mind, cause you might not get em again. So..

Let's go! (Let's start a war!)

Because hell has already begun, and I can't escape the feelings.

The only the reason why I'm still sane, everybody calls me lame,

but I don't care!.. and I'll put my back to the world.

Make it happen faster ..than a whirl pool!


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